Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review - Other Words for Love by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal

Title and Author: Other Words for Love by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal
Publisher:  Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: January 11, 2011
Paperback/Hardcover: 368
Genre: Young Adult

When an unexpected inheritance enables Ari to transfer to an elite Manhattan prep school, she makes a wealthy new friend, Leigh. Leigh introduces Ari to the glamorous side of New York--and to her gorgeous cousin, Blake. Ari doesn't think she stands a chance, but amazingly, Blake asks her out. As their romance heats up, they find themselves involved in an intense, consuming relationship. Ari's family worries that she is losing touch with the important things in life, like family, hard work, and planning for the future.

When misfortune befalls Blake's family, he pulls away, and Ari's world drains of color. As she struggles to get over the breakup, Ari must finally ask herself: were their feelings true love . . . or something else?

Sometimes a book really gets to me and this was one of them.  I feel in love with it and I’m more than glad I decided to read it.
This book is about Ari Mitchell and her relationship with, not only Blake, but also with her family and her friends. The story is about growing up and learning how to overcome heartbreak.
The characters in this book felt extremely real to me. Each one of them was unique, complex and flawed.
Ari, the main character, is a very normal girl anyone can connect to. She goes through a lot as she falls in love for the first and had her heart broken for the first time as well. Her feelings felt incredibly real. I think a lot of girls out there will be able to relate to Ari.
Blake… Well, Blake was actually a good guy and I think it was obvious he liked Ari. He was a good guy but he wasn’t strong. He wasn’t able to stand up for himself and follow his dreams, which was a pity…
This book isn’t only about love, though. It is also about family and friends and the influence the people closest to you have in your life.
I really enjoyed Lorraine Zago Rosenthal’s writing style and the way she developed her characters and the plot. The plot itself might seem simple enough but I can assure you the story is full of meaning. The characters in this book remained with me even after I finished reading.
Believe the hype surrounding this book and, if you haven’t already, go read it.

Rating: Must Read


  1. Great Review! Now I know I have to get around to reading this one soon! I'm so excited to read this.

  2. Thanks for the review. I really want to read this one. Ever since I saw that lovely cover.

  3. Thanks for giving such a great review. I've been eying this one for a while and it's inching ever closer to my TBR pile. As soon as I have the room!

  4. I need to read this. It seems like my kind of book.