Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review - Aussie Rules by Jill Shalvis

Title and Author: Aussie Rules by Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: July 1st, 2006
Paperback/Hardcover: 320
Genre: Contemporary Romance
This Just In: Hell's Officially Breaking Loose
It's bad enough that gutsy pilot Mel Anderson has to clean up after her lovable but completely disorganized best friend and business partner, Dimi, while her certifiable employees make more work than they do. Now, the one man she hoped she'd never see is back and looking for trouble. Scratch that, he is trouble. Amazing, holy cow, more please trouble. . .
Bo Black wants his family's airport back, and he's determined to get it. This laid-back Aussie is nobody's fool. Thing is, neither is Mel. She's intense. Uptight. Sexy. And very, very tempting. Suddenly, Bo's thinking less about revenge and more about kissing and touching and falling into a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-underpants kind of forever love. . .

You know I just can’t get enough of Jill Shalvis. Her books are always funny, interesting and a good read. Dialogue and love scenes that are funny as well as steamy and refreshing are Jill Shalvis forte and Aussie Rules has plenty of both those things.
For years Mel has been pretending everything in business is okay and that her mentor and role model Sally will one day be back to resume control of the airport where she works. Mel believes in Sally but when Bo Black (the last person Mel wanted to see again) shows up unexpectedly claiming Sally stole from his father, everything in Mel’s live changes. Who should she trust and believe in? Bo or Sally?
Mel is one of those people who likes to keep things were they belong. She takes care of everyone and everything. She’s strong and determined and all around a great character. When Bo shows up her world is turned upside down and she’s not sure who to believe and how to fight the attraction she feels for him.
Bo is great as well. He’s sexy and sweet. Plus he has an Australian accent that makes it hard to resist him. He’s not as tough as he seems to be, though, and Mel truly gets to him, making him realize getting back at the people who betrayed his father may not bet the most important thing.
The secondary characters in this book were great as well and added a lot to the story, especially Dimi. Every single characters has their story and their flaws and it’s nice seeing them try to overcome them.
Mel and Bo make a great couple. They truly balanced each other and the banter and bickering between them is great. They chemistry is scorching and the love scenes between them are truly sizzling.
As you can tell I really enjoyed this book. It is very well written and the story is interesting and witty. There’s romance, adventure and a little suspense in this book, which kept me very entertained.
You should definitely give Aussie Rules a try!

Rating: Somewhere Between Worth Your Time and Must Read (4 ½ Stars)

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  1. I think it adds so much to a book when there are good secondary characters. A hot love scenes are always a plus!