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Review - Anyone Can Die - James LePore

Title and Author: Anyone Can Die by Jame LePore
Publisher: The Story Plant
Publication Date: February 22, 2011
Paperback/Hardcover: 46 Pages
James LePore’s first novel, A World I Never Made earned raves from reviewers, readers, and fellow authors alike. Blogcritics called it, “An outstanding first novel, and a wonderful thriller.” Bella Online said, “I highly recommend this compelling suspense story filled with vivid characters and haunting storylines. A story that will stay with the reader long after the final pages.” And M.J. Rose, the acclaimed author of The Memorist said A World I Never Made was, “A compelling page-turner & one of those wonderful books with characters as strong as the story and a story worth reading. Don’t miss it.”
Now LePore returns to the characters of A World I Never Made to present us with three suspenseful and unforgettable stories. (goodreads)

Anyone Can Die is a small book of 46 pages where you can find three short stories about four different characters.
In this small book James LePore provides the background for the characters of A World I Never Made, his novel. I haven’t read that book yet but Anyone Can Die definitely made my interest peak.
This short book includes three vignettes. The first story features a young newlywed couple who make love for the first time in their hotel room and then go to New Mexico where a confrontation with some  Indians take place.
The second story takes place in Paris where we meet Meg Nolan, the daughter of the couple mentioned above, a girl who’s in a relationship with a rich guy and who, after an incident, asks a street pimp to help her get rid of the son of one of her friends who attacks his mother.
The third story is about Max, an FBI agent who saw his step-father kill his mother when he was a child. As adult, Max himself kills his step-father and as a FBI agent he’s in charge of the Megan Nolan case and eventually falls in love with her.
All three stories were very well written and captivating and I was extremely intrigued by all of them. They managed to make me want to read the novel since I want to find out what happens to these characters.
In my opinion, this is a wonderful way to promote a novel and to provide the readers with extra information about the characters and explain some of their actions and reactions.
I’m sure anyone who reads Anyone Can Die will enjoy it and want to read A World I Never Made.

Rating: Worth Your Time

Thank You Tracee from Pump Up Your Book Promotions for the opportunity to review this book.

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