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Book Excerpt - Fire Down Below by Debra Anastasia


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Dove Glitch is embarrassed about everything above her knees and below her belly button. When she has to fill a delicate, embarrassing prescription the last thing she needs is a sexy-as-hell (and brand spanking new) pharmacist behind the counter.

Johnson Fitzwell’s first day of his dream career also happens to coincide with the exact moment Dove needs her feminine meds filled. His glorious voice is way too loud–as in, he should be counting down the hits with Ryan Seacrest kind of loud. Thanks to Johnson’s handsome face and gorgeous jaw line, Dove dives headlong into her waking nightmare and asks for a vagina-scented cream.

How could she not fall for him? Dove's only active goal now is to get Johnson to kiss her right on the lips. Either set. However, his horrible girlfriend is one of many obstacles preventing her from making that fantasy a reality. When Dove defends Johnson in the most unhygienic, unconventionally gross way in the middle of a crowded restaurant, their tender, slightly tantric relationship is off to a galloping, farting start.

Each print copy of this book will be dipped in holy water by my mom, and glared at by my father as he purses his lips. Neither will help. So, drop your pants and turn to the left and cough. I hope you're not allergic to latex, because it’s time to fill your prescription. Anally.

Oh God. We’re talking about me being naked, in the shower with cooter cream. Please world, end. Kill me.
“I know it’s not soap. I just… if it’s scented… I can’t do scented. Flowers and stuff like that. Fruit-flavored soaps make… things… burnish.” She could tell from the peeks at his face Mr. Fitzwell had never stepped foot in bath and lotion store, wanting to try the array of fun fragrances. Nor had he purchased Peppermint Candy shower gel, foamed up his nether regions, and felt like he had dipped them in lava. Dove crossed and uncrossed her legs at the memory.
Mr. Fitzwell seemed concerned. “Okay, just a heads-up. It’s definitely not good to put any fruits or plant life near your genitals.” He made a V with his hands and formed his own pretend vagina in front of his pants.
Dove covered her eyes and tried to defend herself because now she could hear the sickly older woman beating her supporters with a purse.
Dove’s mumbling got louder with her embarrassment. “I don’t put weird things down… there. Just make sure that the cream’s vagina-scented. Just plain. For vaginas.” She kept her eyes on the counter. 

There are a lot of eyes in Debra Anastasia’s house in Maryland. First, her own creepy peepers are there, staring at her computer screen. She’s made two more sets of eyes with her body, and the kids they belong to are amazing. The poor husband is still looking at her after 17 years of marriage. At least he likes to laugh. Then the freaking dogs are looking at her—six eyeballs altogether, though the old dog is blind. And the cat watches her too, mostly while knocking stuff off the counter and doing that internal kitty laugh when Deb can’t catch the items fast enough. 
Debra has a smattering of books in a few genres. There are two in the Seraphim Series and three in the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series with a prequel, Poughkeepsie Begins in the near future. Fire Down Below is the first in the comedic Gynzaule Series. The second, Fire in the Hole, will be published in late 2015. The Revenger, a dark paranormal romance will debut this summer. And last, a novella called Late Night with Andres is special because 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. (So go get it right now, please!) You can find her at and on Twitter @Debra_Anastasia. But be prepared...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review - More Than Her (More Than 02) by Jay McLean

Title: More Than Her (More Than 02) by Jay McLean
Publication Date: Nobember 18th, 2013
Paperback/Hardcover: 315
Genre: New Adult Romance
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"For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction."
For every choice you make there are rewards, 
or there are consequences.
It was my choice to walk away the first time.
And my choice to chase her the second.
But sometimes you don't get a choice, 
and all you get are the consequences.

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Unless that someone is Logan Matthews. 
Because loving him didn't give me the strength to walk away.
It didn't give me the courage to fight for him.
And when it was over, ll it gave me was a broken heart.

I have read the first book in this series a while ago and, for some reason, only now got around to reading this one.
I really liked Logan’s character in More Than This so I was happy to read his story.
In the end of More Than This we know Logan is in love, or at least think he’s in love, with someone but we don’t know who. In this book we get to know who stole his heart.
I already really liked Logan and ended up liking even more.  He’s funny, sure of himself and a bit cocky but he can also be really sweet. He definitely care for those he loves and, in this book, we learn his life hasn’t always been easy.  He’s definitely a great main character.
Amanda is a good character as well. She has gone through some bad things as well but has managed to move on. One thing I enjoyed was the fact that in the beginning Amanda doesn’t want to give Logan a chance. He has a reputation and she’s not interested in being just another girl but he’s so insistent she eventually gives in and goes out with him.
Between the present and flashbacks we get to read about their relationship and some of the mistakes Logan made and how he’s trying to make up for them.
Plotwise, the book develops nicely. We get to read about Logan and Amanda’s life and struggles to get and remain together. We also get glimpses of all the other characters we met in More Than This and what’s to come for them.
All in all, I really enjoyed this book. It is well-written, the characters and the relationships between them are well-developed and interesting. Plus, there’s a little plot twist at the end that managed to surprise me.
I can’t wait to start reading the next book in the series now. If you haven’t started reading this series yet, you should definitely do it.

Rating: Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Excerpt - The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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We have been dying to bring you the Release Blitz for Jennifer L. Armentrout's THE RETURN! THE RETURN is a New Adult Paranormal Romance and is a part of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Titan Series. Seth is looking to be just as dangerously delicious as we all hoped!!

The Return - Cover

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THE RETURN Excerpt: Shaking my head, I pivoted around and walked down the long hall to my dorm room. As I reached the door, the shiver was at the base of my spine again, dancing its way up until it traveled across my shoulders. My heart turned over heavily and I closed my eyes. Twice in one day.
Oh God.
I’d never felt this more than once in any span of several days. Swallowing hard, I wrapped my fingers around the doorknob, battling the urge to turn and scan the hall, because I knew no one would be there. Dragging in a deep breath, I opened the door and stepped inside the room. My brows flew up, and I forgot about the feeling as I closed the door behind me. Erin was sprawled on the floor, palms pressed down on a mat, her spandex-covered behind jutting up toward the sky. She turned her head, peering at me from under her armpit. Her armpit. “How in the world do you get your neck to bend like that without killing yourself?” I asked. “Skills, yo.” Erin did yoga and meditation religiously, saying it helped merge her yin and yang together or something. She’d once told me she had a hell of a mean streak, and contorting herself into painful-looking positions helped keep “good vibrations” around her. Which was strange, because I’d never seen Erin lose her temper in the two years I’d known her. Erin unfolded herself from some kind of downward dog or upward pony and grinned at me. “Check under the bed.” Curious, I dropped my bag and stepped over her legs. Bending down, I lifted the bedspread and my eyes grew to the size of saucers when I spotted the bottle. I snatched it up and clutched it to my chest as I whipped toward her. “José!” Her grin spread into a smile. “The best boyfriend ever.”  

THE RETURN Synopsis: The Fates are cackling their bony asses off... It's been a year since Seth made the deal with the gods that pledged his life to them. And so far, the jobs they've given him have been violent and bloody--which is kind of all right with him. But now Apollo has something else in mind for Seth. He's got to play protector while keeping his hands and fingers off, and for someone who really has a problem with restraint, this new assignment might be the most challenging yet. Josie has no idea what this crazy hot guy's deal might be, but it's a good bet that his arrival means the new life she started after leaving home is about to be thrown into an Olympian-sized blender turned up to puree. Either Josie is going insane or a nightmare straight out of ancient myth is gunning for her. But it might be the unlikely attraction simmering between her and the golden-eyed, secret-keeping Seth that may prove to be the most dangerous thing of all. Because history has once again been flipped to repeat.  

Author Photo About Jennifer L. Armentrout: # 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki. Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV. She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.  

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Review - It's In His Kiss by Jill Shalvis

Title: It's In His Kiss (Lucky Harbor 10) by Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: August 26th, 2014
Paperback/Hardcover: 368
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Find it at: Goodreads  / Bookdepository

Becca Thorpe has uprooted her life and escaped to the beach. Now's her chance to get away from city living, throw caution to the ocean winds, and live in the moment. Especially if the moment includes the deliciously sexy surfer she meets shortly after arriving in Lucky Harbor. Something about the dark intensity of Sam's eyes and the thrill she gets at his touch convinces her to stay awhile.
Boatbuilder and investment genius Sam Brody is a self-made man who knows how dangerous it can be to mix business and pleasure. But he can't resist offering Becca a job just to hear her laugh and have her near. Yet when her brother comes to town asking for help, will he tempt her back to her glamorous life in the city? Or do Sam and little Lucky Harbor have a chance to win Becca's heart?

If you have read my blog before you probably already know I’m a big Jill Shalvis fan and read all of her books. Obviously I couldn’t not read It’s In His Kiss!
This book is all about Becca and Sam. After having to face some serious problems Becca decide she needs a change and that’s how she ends up in Lucky Harbor, loving and working for three of the hottest single men in town.
Sam doesn’t want to mix business and pleasure but he cannot resist Becca, especially when he realizes there’s more to her than what meets the eye.
As always Jill Shalvi’s characters are great and the chemistry between them is palpable.
Sam is a wonderful character.  He’s definitely an alpha male. He’s quiet and might seem a little grumpy but he can also be quite fun and loving. He’s protective of the ones he loves and even though he wants to seem like he doesn’t worry about much, he cannot help caring about those around him.
Becca is a good character as well. I love that she is so strong and determined even if her life hasn’t been easy. The fact she’s not in the least intimidated by Sam when so many other people are.  She might have some issues but she has decided to move on with her life and find a way to be happy.
As I said before, the chemistry between this too is great. They are a good couple that somehow balances each other. Becca needed Sam’s strength and he definitely needed her to bring him out of his shell a little.
Plotwise, the story develops quickly allowing the reader to know what’s going on in Lucky Harbor and in the lives of some new characters and of other we already now.
All in all, I quite enjoyed It’s in His Kiss. This is a fun, fast paced book that’s perfect for when you need of a good contemporary romance.

Rating: Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Review - Going the Distance by Julianna Keyes

Title: Going the Distance by Julianna Keyes
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication Date: January 27th, 2015
Paperback/Hardcover: 260
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Find it atGoodreads  

Olivia Clarke’s fall from pretty, perfect and popular happened in an instant. With her life in tatters, she impulsively accepts a teaching job in the small city of Lazhou, China. Three months in, she’s ready to admit she made a huge mistake. She doesn’t speak Mandarin, the teachers at her school refuse to include her in anything, and she spends her nights watching counterfeit DVDs in her twin bed. Alone.
Jarek McLean is a loner. He’s not looking for friends, and he’s definitely not looking for love. The former army interrogator works as a carpenter for a small construction company rebuilding a travel office in Lazhou. When he meets Olivia he knows immediately she’s too wholesome to be his type, but when he discovers the pretty kindergarten teacher is hiding a secret, his inquisitive side rears its nosy head and demands answers.
Olivia isn’t interested in a one-sided interrogation, and makes her position clear: if Jarek wants to ask questions, he’ll have to answer some, too. Jarek’s never let anyone in—not into his apartment, not into his life, certainly not into his heart. But the closer he gets to Olivia, the more he falls for her, and suddenly the man who doesn’t do relationships finds himself in a most unexpected one. When he reluctantly admits that this could be love, he’s faced with the most terrifying question of all: What the hell does he do now?

I have received this book as part of a blog tour in exchange of an honest.
After her life is turned upside down and after being offered a job in China, Olivia decides she is ready for an adventure. Is not easy being a foreigner in China, though, and Olivia feels increasingly alone. That’s when the mysterious and seemingly dangerous Jarek enters the picture and the chemistry between them becomes impossible to ignore.
I have previously read Just Once by Julianna Keyes and really enjoyed it so I was happy to read Going the Distance as well.
In the beginning I really didn’t know what to think of Jarek and didn’t like him that much but he grew on me as the book went on. He really doesn’t know what to think about Olivia and is so scared of the things she makes him feel, it’s almost funny. He can be a real jerk sometimes but, every now and then, we get to see the best side of him.
One thing I enjoyed about Olivia and Jarek’s relationship was the fact she gave it as good as she got.  She knew how to hold her ground around Jarek and make him feel off balance and confused.
The relationship between Olivia and Jarek develops nicely and the chemistry between them s good. The book is well-written and the pace is just right.
All in all, Going the Distance is an interesting and different book any contemporary romance fan will be able to enjoy. 

Rating: Somewhere between Readable and Worth Your Time ( 3 ½ Stars)

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