Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cover Love

Have you see these covers yet? What do you think of them?

Isn't this cover great? I absolutely love it! Patch and Nora together look great!
I can't wait to read the book now!
I like Jem and I like the colors! :)

Jem is in the cover of Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare! For some reason I don't like most Mortal Instruments covers but I like the cover of Clockwork Angel and I like this one as well.

I really like Simply Irresistible and The Sweetest Thing's covers (the previous books on the Lucky Harbor series) and this one is really pretty as well.
I imagines Sawyer to be a little taller (maybe even a little bigger) but that's okay. I still really like the cover. :)


  1. Silence cover is absolutely stunning.

  2. I love the Silence cover. It is my favorite one out of the three of them. I was hoping they would put both Nora and Patch on it together.

    I like the Clockwork Prince cover, but Clockwork Angel is still my favorite cover!

  3. I knew the moment I saw the cover on my blog list that it was Patch and Nora... I havent seen it and I love it. I also cannot wait for Clockwork Prince to come out either...and this Jem is very similar to what I had him pegged for.

  4. I have yet to read the next book after Hush, Hush. Need to get on it because this one looks awesome! I love the simple joy in the Head Over Heels cover. I'll have to pick this (series?) up sometime. Thanks!