Friday, March 7, 2014

Review - Finding Destiny by Christa Simpson

Title: Finding Destiny by Christa Simpson
Publication Date: Feberuary 13th, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Skylar has rules. He has never strayed from those rules. And yet Destiny has him breaking every last one of them.
Destiny was looking forward to a bit of solitude in the north. She figured surrounding herself with her two besties, at an expensive spa retreat, would beat away the winter blues. That was the plan. Destiny liked plans. But plans don’t always work out the way you want them to.
Skylar never expected to find three ladies trudging through the snow. But after finding them stranded, in the middle of nowhere, during the biggest snow storm of the year, he’s forced to invite Destiny and her friends back to his cabin. Though he tried to ignore what was subtly unravelling between them, he couldn’t discount their attraction. The way Destiny could read into his thoughts and the way his jealousy raged at the thought of his brother taking her to his bed, he knew he had better stake his claim.
But when tragedy strikes, torn from her arms at lightning speed, Skylar’s left to wonder whether he would ever find his destiny.

I have received this book as part of a book tour in exchange of an honest review.
After getting stuck in the snow with her friends Destiny is rescued by a reluctant Skylar who is forced to invite the girls back to his cabin. As they are forced to spend some time together, Skylar and Destiny start to find it difficult to deny what’s happening between them. 
One thing I really liked about this book were the characters. They are very well-written and easy to relate to and like.
The relationship between the main characters – Skylar and Destiny, especially was very well-thought out and developed at a good rhythm. The chemistry between them is just wonderful.
This is a novella so the story develops at a fast pace. The book is well-written and the story very interesting.
Reading Finding Destiny has made me want to read other books by Christ Simpson and I hope they are just as good as this one!

Rating:  Worth Your Time (4 Stars)


  1. This sounds good-adding it to my tbr list :)
    Just found your blog and now following!

    Finley Jayne

  2. Thanks so much for the review, Carla. Appreciate it. <3