Friday, April 4, 2014

Review - Love & Deception by Chantel Rhondeau

Title: Love & Deception by Chantel Rhondeau
Publication Date: October 13th, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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What if everything you believed in was a lie?
In hiding for six years, Carlie Hollis is tired of running. All she wants is to stay in Sayle, Washington and make a success of her struggling delicatessen. Because of her past, she’s suspicious of anyone who takes an interest in her.
Nick Kendall works as a spy in a top-secret government operation, protecting innocent people from danger. Sent to Sayle on a mission to infiltrate a suspected terrorist organization, Nick finds himself attracted to Carlie, an alleged key player of the group.
Despite her misgivings, Carlie develops feelings for the handsome stranger, believing he is there to help her. But when Nick finds evidence of her guilt, he’s given orders to do the unthinkable—eliminate the target, one he's fallen hopelessly in love with. Will he follow orders...or become hunted himself?

I have received this book as part of a blog tour in exchange of an honest review.
I’m always up to reading a romantic suspense story and, gladly, Love & Deception did not disappoint me.
The characters in this book are well-written and well-developed. Their relationships seem real as well as their problems and the situations they have to face. Plus, who doesn’t love a spy?
Another thing I really enjoyed in this story was the twists and turns I didn’t see coming and the mystery. I think the author did a wonderful job with the suspense.
All in all, Love & Deception is a well-written and very interesting book. It is easy to read and the mystery kept me interested and entertained.
If you are a fan of contemporary romance and suspense I think you will definitely enjoy this book.

Rating:  Worth Your Time (4 Stars)


  1. Thank you so much for the review and for being part of the tour! I appreciate it!

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