Thursday, May 29, 2014

Review - Falling Into You by L.T. Kelly

Title: Falling Into You by L.T. Kelly
Publication Date: May 15th,, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Marc Romano disappeared without a trace into the darkness. His lover became overwhelmed with grief in her loss. But her grief takes on a much more murderous form than most, for Teagan Lewis is a vampire.
Now her heartache is driving her further from the woman she once was, and she realises she must snap out of her monstrous habits and discover the way back to her old self. But how?
Ending their trip around Europe, Teagan and her friend Alex head back to New York. Teagan has the full intention of carrying out a dangerous plan here; not just physically dangerous, but emotionally as well.
How will she be able to resist the irresistible? And what of the new rival, Ivan Lenin? He threatens her life and the lives of everyone she loves. The only people who can help her are her sworn enemy and an ancient stranger. Will they assist her?
How will Teagan Lewis face the demons of her past and try to find happiness? Will she stay and fight or will she run from the things she must face in order to finally be at peace? Mistakes will be made. People will die. The time has come..

I have received this book as part of a blog tour in exchange on an honest review.
I found out about these books during this tour and I have to say this is a very interesting and different series. Plus, the cover of the book is very pretty.
Most of all, I liked the characters in this book and the differences between them. I found it easy to like some characters and to want things to work out for them.
Not all the characters in this book are great, though. Some of them are hard to like (as they should be).
Falling Into You is a fast-paced and good story that was able to keep me interested and entertained.
All in all, this is a good and well-written book. If you like paranormal romances, I think you should give this series a try. 

Rating:  Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

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