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Book Excerpt - Cheris Her by Amanda Kaitlyn

Title: Cherish Her

Author: Amanda Kaitlyn

Release date: July 5th, 2015

Genre: New Adult Romance

Book Description:
When Aria Morgan met Gavin Thomas, the last thing she was looking for was love. Love hurts. She knew that. She knew there was no chance she was ready to be close to someone again. But the draw between them was too much to avoid or ignore and somehow, she’d found a way to live again and Aria found her happiness again.
A terrible misunderstanding almost splits them apart for good but Aria and Gavin vow to hold on to the love they share. When you find the one person who accepts you for who you are- faults and all, how can you possibly let that go? How can Aria fathom it?
But when a loss so big, a loss that rocks her world and shatters it to pieces, forces her to make that choice for the safety of her own heart, can she let go of her love?
Can Gavin, a man so filled with adoration for the beautifully perfect dancer he met only months ago, let her go if she asks him to?
Loss forces them apart, will thier grief bind them together in the love they found one summer day? Or will it be lost forever?


Book Excerpt

" When Lucas opens the door of my old apartment that Kel and I shared, it feels so weird to be standing here with my luggage in hand, which only consists of two bags and my purse. Some clothes, toiletries and keepsakes were mysteriously found in the doorway of my hospital room this morning and when I saw the handwritten note taped to the front of one of the bags, I knew it must have been Gavin. He hates this in every way possible but he wouldn’t let me go without the things I needed. The written words from him made my heart beat just a little faster despite the state I was in.
Don’t think for a moment that this is me giving up. I told you once and I’ll tell you again. I won’t let go. I won’t give up on us. We haven’t even scratched the surface of our lives together. I love you.
  • Gavin
Now, as I step inside the place I’d lived and been happy with my sister before meeting Gavin, my love, it feels like another lifetime ago. Just after getting home from their honeymoon, Lucas and Kel moved out of here and into a quaint home in Waverly Springs just outside of the city so I know this place has hardly been lived in. I set my bags down just as a strong pair of hands squeeze my shoulders from behind me.
“I made an appointment with the therapist the doctor suggested for this afternoon. I can drive you if you want.” Lucas said and everything inside me wanted to revolt against the idea of going to another therapist. After landing in the hospital about six months ago, I had to see a regular mandated therapist twice a week and even though at first it made the depression and anxiety I was feeling that much worse, it did help. I knew I had to do whatever it took to help myself through this, if not for me or for Gavin and the life we’ve planned. I owed it to him to keep trying no matter how hard the future seemed ahead of me. I nodded and turned to give him a weak smile. I would try."

About the Author:

Amanda Kaitlyn is a new and up and coming author of contemporary romance. The Find Her series is her first work. If she isn’t writing or developing her characters, you can find her in front of her kindle or spending time with her family and friends. When she’s not writing, she is a coffee loving barista and a good listener to her friends. Writing has always been her passion!

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