Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review - The True Detective by Theodore Weesner

Title and Author: The True Detective by Theodore Weesner
Publication Date: 1987
Paperback/Hardcover: 540
Genre: Mystery
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The True Detective, Gil Dulac, is a small town police investigator who sees his sleepy city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, being infested with a sexual pathology that, in its breadth of depravity, is breaking out like a pandemic. It’s no surprise to Dulac then, when a twelve-year-old boy turns up missing. Child abduction grips the city, along with Dulac’s obsessive sense of justice. Now, as the clock winds down on a horrifying reality, Dulac must use his wits, his resolve, and his deepest life
I have received this book from the author/publishers in exchange of an honest review.
A twelve years-old boy is kidnapped in a small town in New Hampshire. The True Detective is the story of the man who kidnaps that young boy and of detective Dulac who will do whatever it takes to solve that kidnapping.
In this book we really get to know the characters involved. The author gives details about the characters, allowing the readers to get to know them better.
I enjoyed the story and there are some exciting moments but I think I would have enjoyed the mystery more if I wasn’t aware of whom the kidnapper was right from the start.
I would have liked the story to be a little more fast-paced and centered on the kidnapping and the detective’s attempts to solve it. The book was, nonetheless, able to keep me interested and curious. I wanted to know how book would end.
A little warning for the readers: there are some very explicit scenes, situations and language in this book.
All in all, The True Detective is a nice story and was able to keep me interested until the end. 

Rating: Readable (3 Stars)


  1. This looks interesting. I actually enjoy visiting Portsmouth and think it would make a great setting for a mystery. Although, I'm not sure I can handle this one as anything that has to do with kids getting hurt freaks me out too much!

  2. This probably wouldn't have been something I would have normally picked up. It sounds like a decent read though!