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Team Smackdown - Team Edward vs Team Jacob

Hello! Hello!

Remember that Team Smackdown I told you all about in this post? Well, it's time for the first smackdown!
Some guys will have advocates while other won't. For those guys who don't have an advocate, I'll post his stats and quotes.

I'll try to have a little giveaway ready every week for who participates in this and maybe a bigger one when the feature comes to an end.

So, the first Team Smackdown is:

Team Edward vs Team Jacob

Edward is being defended by Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

Team Edward – The Twilight Saga

Name – Edward Anthony Mason Cullen
Species - Vampire
Birthday – June 20, 1901
Birth Place – Chicago, Illinois
Year Turned – 1918
Turned by – Carlisle Cullen

Physical Stats
Height – 6’2
Build – Slender, yet muscular
Hair – Bronze and untidy
Eyes – Topaz (when well fed), Black (when hungry)
“…devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful.”

Edward, ah Edward…how I do love thee,

Beautiful, mysterious, dangerous…yet obscenely loyal to those you love. Strong, fast, and fiercely protective…you fight for what you believe, even when it means leaving the one you love…if it means they will be safe. Old-schooled, mostly well-behaved, and virtuous…you always try to do the right thing, even when you would love to do it all wrong.

You were my choice from the very first page of Twilight. Okay…maybe not the first page because, well…I hadn’t met you yet, so from page 18 on.

Selfish…I don’t even think so. On many occasions, you referred to yourself as “an essentially selfish being” but I found that to be completely untrue. To put yourself through the pain you did to even be close to Bella was, masochistic – yes, but completely unselfish. Your conquest to keep her safe, even from herself, was well beyond any self-centered tendencies. Any selfish creature would have turned her immediately to ensure her immortality and invincibility. Your attempt to leave her – maybe not the brightest idea – to keep her safe from your own family could hardly be described as self-indulgent. Heck…you even offered to let her “keep” Jacob if it would make her happy…selfish – no; stupid – maybe?

Stalkerish…maybe a tad bit, but I find it extremely romantic. I could only dream of the pure ecstasy of someone not only wanting to watch me sleep, but constantly telling me how completely “unordinary” I am. And…if I am ever in danger, it’s you I want to save me. Your quick reflexes, unparalleled strength, and protective instincts would assure I was never hurt.

Romantic…how do I count the ways? You assured that Bella had a complete human life before you changed her…prom, wedding, and then sex. You weren’t the typical boy looking to get into her pants…you were patient and loving…always attentive to her needs. Smoldering kisses, hot make-out sessions, and sincere words make you impossibly idyllic. The jealousy you felt about Mike and Jacob made you human.

For these reasons and so many others…I am unquestionably on your side – now and always.


Unforgettable Quotes:

“I told you – you don’t see yourself clearly at all. You’re not like anyone I’ve ever known. You fascinate me.” Edward to Bella – Page 245 Twilight

He was too perfect, I realized with a piercing stab of despair. There was no way this godlike creature could be meant for me. – Bella thinking about Edward – Page 256 Twilight

“Bella, I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you. You don’t know how it’s tortured me…The thought of you, still, white, cold…to never see you blush scarlet again, to never see that flash of intuition in your eyes when you see through my pretenses…it would be unendurable…You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever.” Edward to Bella – Page 273 Twilight

“Isabella Swan?...I promise to love you forever – every single day of forever. Will you marry me?” Edward to Bella – Page 460 Eclipse

“Then I suppose you don’t realize how utterly, heart-breakingly beautiful you are tonight.” Edward to Bella – Page 56 Breaking Dawn

“It would be hard to find someone less sad than I am now. Impossible, I’d venture. Not many people get every single thing they want, plus the things they didn’t thing to ask for, in the same day.” Edward to Bella – Page 483 Breaking Dawn


Jacob doesn't have an advocate so I'll post a few facts about him:

Team Jacob – The Twilight Saga

Name –Jacob Black
Species -Werewolf / Shapeshifter
Birthday – January 14th, 1990
Birth Place – La Push, Washington

Physical Stats
Height – 6’7 (in the books)
Hair – Black
Eyes –Dark Brown


"I know how you're unhappy a lot. And, maybe it doesn't help anything, but I wanted you to know that I'm always here. I won't ever let you down. I promise that you can always count on me." - New Moon
"The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse." - Eclipse

"If you think that imprinting could ever make sense of this insanity… Do you really think that just because I might someday imprint on some stranger it would make this right? Tell me what the point was then, Bella! What was the point of me loving you? What was the point of you loving him? When you die, how is that ever right again? What’s the point to all the pain? Mine, yours, his! You’ll kill him, too, not that I care about that. So what was the point of your twisted love story, in the end? If there is any sense, please show me, Bella, because I don’t see it." - Breaking Dawn


Now that you've read a little bit about each of the guys in today's Team Smackdown is time to vote for your favorite!  The Team that wins today will face another Team in a future round!

Which Team are you on?
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I also have a little giveaway for you:

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    If you are interested in being an advocate for one of the guys read this post and let me know! I need your help!


    1. No advocates for Jacob. Wow...I can't believe that. I figured someone somewhere would want to take a swipe at Edward. LOL!

    2. Though I think Edward was right for Bella, I would pick Jacob for myself.

    3. I love your post! Team Edward!!!
      Thank you for the giveaway.