Saturday, November 19, 2011

Team Smackdown

So, are you curious to find out who won the first Team Smakdown?

The winner of the Team Smackdown: Team Dimitri vs Team Adrian  is:

Team Dimitri!

Team Dimitri is in the next round!
So, what do you think ?Did Dimitri deserve to win. :) (He's my favorite but I really like Adrian as well!)

Now, when it comes to the giveaway, according to rafflecopter the winner of a bookmark  from MauveMagpie is ! Shelby Young. Congrats!

Thanks for participating and watch you for the next Smackdown on Monday.

I could really use your help with this feature so if you are interested in being a team advocate please let me know! I'll show you the list of Teams that'll be featured. :)

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