Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Book Boyfriend

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme, hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. It is a weekly meme where we talk about a literary crush including stats, a picture of what you imagine he looks like and some quotes from him that make you swoon.  If you are interested in participating please check out the My Book Boyfriend Introduction Page over at Missie's blog The Unread Reader.

This week my book boyfriend is:

Chris Merrick from Storm by Brigid Kemmerer


Status: Chris is the youngest Merrick brother and he is able to control the element of water. He's Becca's love interest.

Age: 16

Height: Tall

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark

More info: Chris is still learning how to fully control his element but it's obvious how powerful he is. He's a bit of a loner. He's sweet and caring and brave.

"Chris Merrick. Chris. He was a junior, like she was, but she couldn’t think of two words they’d ever exchanged. He was the Merrick twins’ younger brother, the type of guy who’d slouch in the back of the classroom and stare at the teachers with disdain, daring them to call on him. People left him alone, but that’s how he seemed to like it. An outsider by choice."


“He fell silent for a while, and she glanced in the rear-view again to find his eyes on her. Blue eyes. Nice eyes, she noticed, sharp and intelligent under that fringe of dark hair.
Then he smirked. With the cuts and bruises on his face, it made him look a little
"You’re probably thinking I owe you my life.”
She jerked her eyes back to the road. “No,” she snapped. “Just sixty bucks.”
“You charge for the hero act?”

“Any minute now she was going to come strolling in here with Hunter. She’d sit down, smelling like almonds and vanilla, and Chris would pretend he didn’t notice. She’d think about World History.
He’d think about her. God, he was going to drive himself crazy."

“She flung her arms around his neck, then pressed her face into his shoulder. It was probably wholly inappropriate, but she couldn’t stand here and carry all this weight by herself.
He stiffened, and for a fraction of a second, she thought he might reject her. But then his arms came around her back,
and his head dropped until she could feel his breath against her hair.
She held him tight, so tight, but he didn’t pull away."

So, what do you think?
Who's your book boyfriend this week?


  1. Yet another reason why I need to read this book! These quotes are fantastic! And great choice picking Steven R. McQueen to be Chris!

    Here’s my MBB

  2. Normally I don't comment on these because I don't want to seem like I'm stalking my own book, but I TOTALLY pictured Jeremy from TVD as the perfect actor for Chris. :-D Thanks for featuring him! <3

  3. Awwwwwww, nice nice!! Love it!! Need to pick this book up! The second quote so totally wins!! :D Awesome pick! And thank you for sharing him ;)

  4. Oh, Carla. What a cute guy. Who is that actor? I need to make a mental note of him. :)

    I've already heard a lot about the Merrick brothers. They all sound swoon worthy. Thanks for all those quotes. Now I'm convinced I need to read the book. :)

  5. @Missie, The Unread ReaderI forgot to add it to the post! His name is Steven R. McQueen.

    The brothers really are great. I hope you enjoy the book when you get around to reading it. :)

  6. Wow - just wow! He's the yummiest EVER! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

    Here's mine:

  7. I've heard such fabulous things about this book! I need to read it soon and meet Chris. Wonderful choice!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews