Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review - Sacred by Farraah Naseem

Title and Author: Sacred by Farraah Naseem
Publisher: Kindle
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2011
Paperback/Hardcover: 264
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

When Sasha Stryker meets Ariston Kavanagh, she is entranced by his good looks but mystified by his odd behavior. After all, he keeps asking her how she sees him even though he's standing right in front of her. Yet, she can't deny the strange and powerful attraction she feels towards him.
At the same time, her ex-best-friend-current-nemesis Connor Macho starts showing a romantic interest in her as well. Is Connor truly attracted to Sasha, or is this another move in his war against Sasha and Ariston's relationship?
Sasha finds out the whole truth when she is attacked by a lioness one night! To her utter bewilderment, her savior is a white tiger that morphs into the last person she wants to be indebted to.
This encounter shatters her notion of the world as she knows it and her love affair comes to a crashing halt when all truths are revealed. Just as she's trying to cope with the truth about Ariston and Connor, other nocturnal creatures called Friaries try to kidnap her for their own nefarious purpose.
I have received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.
Sasha Stryker is a nerdy kid and when she meets Ariston Kavanagh in the park in the middle of the night once, her whole life changes.  She thought her life was boring before but Ariston definitely changes that. A series of disasters and bizarre events start happening after she meets him and her life is suddenly anything but boring. 
I thought Sasha was a very interesting character and it was easy to like and even relate to her. She’s very geeky and smart. Her character was very well-developed.
Ariston is a very interesting character as well. He’s extremely complicated but the author still did a good job with him. He’s sweet and kind and quite practical.
All the secondary characters are well-developed and, for the most part, relatable as well.
Sacred is an interesting, intriguing and easy to read story. Right from the start several questions arise that are able to keep the readers reading just so we can find out the answers to those questions.
All in all, Sacred is a good, fast-paced read. Overall, the book is well-written and very descriptive
There’s a little bit for everyone here: romance, action, mystery and suspense.
If you enjoy a Young Adult story with a little suspense, action  and romance, I think you might like this book.

Rating: Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

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