Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heavenly Series by Jennifer Laurens Playlist

Have you ever wondered what an author listens to when writing a book or a series?
Here's the music that inspired Jennifer Laurens while she wrote the Heavenly series. You can find the original post at Heavenly The Book.

 Heavenly Playlist:

Music plays an integral part of my writing. I adore mood. Music helps me add depth and emotion to moments that are especially significant. One of the songs I didn't include on the soundtrack is itself a soundtrack song, the love theme from the television show, Beauty and the Beast. Stunning. If you can find it, listen to a clip.
Mostly, this soundtrack is a good example of the mood and tone of the book. I especially like David Arnold's music for Matthias.
Lose Control, by Evanessence is perfect for Zoe's conflicting feelings at the party. She wonders if Matthias could ever lose control?
Somewhere, by Barbara Striesand is an old favorite of mine. The haunting arrangement is perfect for Zoe's insatiable want of Matthias.
These are some of my thoughts.

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