Monday, March 25, 2013

Interview with Amy Plum about the Revenants Series + Giveaway

Interview with Amy Plum  about the Revenants Series

Are you a fan of the Revenants Series by Amy Plum? I am and I can't wait for the next book in the series and for Jules short-story!

Amy was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about the series. I hope you enjoy this interview!

1 - Can you describe the Revenants Series to your readers in 10 or less words?

Kate, American in Paris, discovers a world of undead guardians.

2 - What compelled you to write about Revenants?

I didn't think I had anything to add to the traditional supernatural beings, like vampires, werewolves, and the like. So I decided to make up my own monster. What I did was to make a list of all of the supernatural beings I knew of, and then narrowed it down to the only ones I thought I felt interested enough in to be able to write a few books about them. I ended up with "gods" and "zombies", and my revenants are a combination of the two. 

3 - Who would you say is the hardest character to write about and why?

I had a hard time writing about Arthur until I decided to make him an author, and then everything came more easily for me. Usually my characters come with their own "suitcases": their histories, personalities, and ways of speaking are already there for me to open up and use. That didn't happen for Arthur...I had to figure him out on my own.

4 - If the Revenants series ever became a movie/tv series who would you like to play your characters?

I would really like to have some French actors play the French characters. For that reason French/German Francois Goeske might make a good Vincent. Gaspard Ulliel or Pierre Boulanger might make a good Jules. For Kate, when Emma Roberts is brunette, I think she'd be perfect for the part.

5 - What can you tell us about the next book in the series - If I Should Die?

The story starts the second UNTIL I DIE leaves off. Kate is at the height of her kick-assness and MOST of the characters will have a resolution to their stories in this book. I like to think of DIE FOR ME as romance, UNTIL I DIE as mystery, and IF I SHOULD DIE as thriller. I hope you like it!

Thank you, Amy!

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  1. Now I have a crush with Gaspard Ulliel. I need to read "If I Should Die"

    Is the Giveaway international?
    Saludos ; )

  2. Awesome interview! I adore this series- If I Should Die is fantastic.

  3. I really get the feelings Amy aimed for with the first two books, and I cannot wait to read If I Should Die ! Thanks for hosting this giveaway and for posting this interview :D !

  4. i haven't read any of these books but i'd really like to!

  5. ALMENDRA in the rafflecopter ..
    i can't wait for" if i should die" ... i love the 2 book.. and i think arthur and you know who will be together aajjajaj he is so cute ..
    great interview!

  6. I heart Amy Plum and am so excited for the 3rd book. Cannot wait!

  7. @MaríaT The winner has been notified today.