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Review: To Love a Wolf by B.K. Walker

Title: To Love a Wolf by B.K. Walker 
Publisher: B.K Walker Books 
Publication Date: December 21st, 2011  
Genre: Erotic, Paranormal Romance 
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Cevin Harpster is in his residency year to obtain his M.D. He's looking forward to his new life after graduation, where he will open his own practice and marry his high school sweetheart.

When Cevin suddenly starts dreaming of a beautiful woman he can't help but wonder if he may be going insane, as she seduces him night after night, taking him to heights of ecstasy he never knew he longed for. As the dreams become more frequent, his sex drive rockets and his fiance', Sam finds Cevin's new desire for experimenting enticing, even if a bit rough, when his sexual experiences from his dreams are used on her.
Weird things continue to happen in Cevin's dreams, when he learns that this mysterious woman actually exists, and he is meant to be her mate and lead a pack of wolves he never imagined to be real.
When dreams and reality collide...someone always gets burned

I have received this book as part o f a blog tour in exchange of an honest review.
When Cevin starts having some very vivid dreams about a woman he never met before his desire grows much to his Fiancé’s delight. His dreams might be more than just simple dreams, though and Cevin will be forced to make a decision.
To Love A Wolf is a quick but interesting read.
The story is told from Cevin’s point of view, which I actually quite liked. Another thing I liked was the characters. They actually seemed real despite the fact Cevin is a werewolf and his relationship with his fiancé came across as believable.
The dream and sex scenes were great and very well-written. I was definitely interested in finding out what would happen to these characters and their relationships.
All in all, To Love a Wolf is a great, steamy read with good characters and a interesting plot. I think the author did wonderful job writing about werewolves without making it a cliché and I enjoyed the ending of the book. I wouldn’t mind if the story was a little longer, though.
If you are a Fan of Erotic, Paranormal Romance you should definitely give this book a try.  

Rating:   Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing To Love A Wolf. So glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. I loved this series and I look forward to more from BK Walker! Great review!