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Guest Post + Giveaway: Mike's Way Back by Amy Gregory

Title: Mike’s Way Back

Author: Amy Gregory

Release date: September 30th, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description:

Detective Mike Sterling walked away from his dream job telling himself it was to honor the promise he’d made his mother, while lying in a Chicago emergency room. A year later, he’s still fighting the demons that followed him back to his boyhood town.
Taryn Watts is an award-winning designer, going from project to project, living from a suitcase. Her plan for Renlend Kansas was the same as always. Go in, get the job done and get out, just the way she likes it. Growing up as a cop’s daughter, her every move was controlled. When she escaped to college she vowed to never fall in love with a cop –ever. Until she found herself sitting across from the ruggedly handsome stranger. Looking into Mike’s ice blue eyes they pulled her, called to her, but there was a haunting in them she knew too well.
Mike is drawn to Taryn, her passion for her work and her stunning beauty left him breathless, but what surprises him most is the peace he feels when he’s near her. Maybe it’s because Taryn is a temporary addition to his town and his secret is safe, or maybe it’s because she makes him feel safe. Mike knows he can’t keep up this charade and when Taryn moves to Renlend for an extended stay he can’t hide the truth any longer.
Can Taryn forget he’s a cop and give him her heart, or will his demons drive them apart?

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18659284-mike-s-way-back---finding-perfect-1?ac=1

Guest Post

For me, it seems ideas for a story springboard from something else. Mike of course is Carter Sterling’s older brother from the Racing to Love series. However, I haven’t had a book yet that doesn’t have a song jump right out at me and say ‘hey, I belong to these characters’. I know some authors will compile a full playlist if you will that they use for inspiration. Again, for me it’s one, sometimes two songs that just seem to fit perfectly.
With Det. Michael Sterling, he was just at that point in his life, he was ready. And at that moment Luke Bryan’s .. Crash My Party hit the airwaves.  Oh my God, it was perfect! That is exactly where Mike is, he’s suddenly just taken with this woman and it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, he will drop it all if she’ll just look his way.
Crash My Party by Luke Bryan
If you wanna call me, call me, call me
You don't have to worry 'bout it baby
You can wake me up in the dead of the night
Wreck my plans, baby that's alright
This is a drop everything kinda thing
Swing on by, I'll pour you a drink
The door's unlocked, I'll leave on the lights
Baby you can crash my party anytime

            I mean seriously, just that portion alone says it in neon colors! Mike’s divorced, but not bitter, however, he’s attracted to a certain type of woman, and talk about finding a needle in a haystack. But hot damn, he’s found her and now, he can’t quit thinking about her. In every scene I heard this song in my head over and over. I watched the video and could see the story I was writing as clear as day.
Some people don’t believe in love at first sight, I however do. I also write love stories for a living so part of that is me and the magical part of believing in fairy tales I guess. I started having a hard time finding books that didn’t drag out so much angst that I would quit reading. I feel like reality is stressful enough, I want to dive into an escape that is happy, funny, sarcastic, cute, sexy and hot as hell all wrapped up in one. And sometimes, there’s a beautiful girl at the next table, just waiting to crash the party. All the guy has to do is smile.

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