Friday, November 22, 2013

Review + Giveaway: Undertow by Elizabeth O'Roark

Title: Undertow by Elizabeth O'Roark 
Publication Date: August 1st, 2013   
Paperback/Hardcover: 234 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Find it at: Goodreads 

Maura Pierce seems to have everything – a bright future, a trust fund and a boyfriend who can’t wait to settle down.
It almost seems like enough until Nate Sullivan comes home. Nate – her childhood best friend, her first love. The boy who left without a trace one night and broke her heart. 
When their attraction threatens the future she and her parents have so carefully crafted, loyalties will be tested and secrets will be uncovered.
Giving in may cost her everything. But how do you resist the only thing you’ve ever really wanted?

I have received this book as part o f a blog tour in exchange of an honest review.
Maura has a bright future in front of her and for a long time that seems enough for her. That is until, Nate, the man who broke her heart and who she could never quite forget enters her life again.
Maura is the main character in the book.  She’s a successful young woman, just about to start law school. The only problem in her life is the fact she has had her heart broken in the past and has never found someone she felt the same way about as she did for Nate.  She’s a good character, strong, and definitely a good narrator.
I also really liked Nate. Yes, he made a few mistakes and, yes, he should’ve man-up before and told Maura how he felt but I still couldn’t stop wishing things would go his way.
I found this story this be very interesting. I liked the flashbacks that allowed the readers to better understand what had happened between Maura and Nate in the past.
All in all, I really enjoyed Undertow and thought it was an interesting and different story. The book is well-written and the characters grow a lot as the plot develops.
If you enjoy a good contemporary romance, you should give this book a try! 

Rating:   Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

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  1. This sounds like a great read! Thanks for the review.