Thursday, November 28, 2013

Interview with Cyndi Raye - What Tomorrow Brings

Title: What Tomorrow Brings

Author: Cyndi Raye

Release date: August 18th, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description:
Maggie McCoy, bestselling author of romance, went to the Florida Keys for a much needed getaway to break the writer's block that was threatening her success. Her plans to be alone died the moment she met Jake Hatfield. He wound up to be too much of a distraction for serious minded Maggie.

She had never let her hair down before, but when she finally decides to, it leads her on a motorcycle ride through the land of paradise, an adventure at a full moon party and other trials as well. All she wanted to do was to create a best seller, not live it. There were never any plans to fall for a hot, sexy man in the middle of nowhere.



Have I always wanted to be a writer?

Yes, it all started in elementary school writing those silly poems. Then, it graduated to love poems in high school, you know the one's about the hot guy who never seemed to look your way. Even stepping away from writing for some time, Amazon made it easy to get back into it with self-publishing. I'm really happy now that I can write and have complete control. It's the ultimate writer's dream.

What would you say is the hardest part of being a writer?

The hardest part of being a writer for me is being consistent. My house is always open to my friends and family, so people are always stopping by to visit, which makes it hard to keep a schedule at times. I know it's important to write every day, but that doesn't always happen. Writing is something you have to work at just like anything else.

Do you have any writing rituals?

I don't really have any writing rituals. If you mean are there certain things that I do, the answer would be not really. I mean, I have to have quiet, so I try to write early in the morning, before my world is up and moving. That's the best time for me to put out my best. After that, I kind of just go with the flow.

What’s next for you?

 I think the next thing for me is to continue writing the Florida Keys Series. I just finished my second stand alone book, Nothing Waits Forever, the story about Jake's twin brother. I really enjoyed writing Jon's story, and am looking forward to a few more ideas I have for a third book set in Key West.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

What would I like to say to my fans? I am truly grateful and feel blessed when anyone reads my books. Being a writer can be tough, because there is always rejection, but fans are the structure of everything a writer does. They are the reason for writing, because there is a story to tell that may bring some sunshine into a fan's world if just for a little while. That probably sounds corny but I love my fans! Don't be shy, come visit me and talk to me on face book and twitter.

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