Monday, July 25, 2011

Cover Smackdown Feature

Hello! How are you?
Today I’ll be blogging about yet another new feature. This one is all about book covers. It is a kind of a cover smackdown. (I don't have a button for this one yet!)

I want you to participate in this feature with me so every Monday I’ll choose one theme and post up to 20 covers related to the team. I’ll ask you to vote in your 5 favorite covers and in the end of the week I’ll let you know which covers are people’s favorites. Does it sound fun? It’s easy enough, right?

To make everything even more interesting at the end of every week when the winning covers are revealed there will be a small giveaway. When the feature ends there will be another big giveaway.
You’ll be able to win books, swag and more!

Like before every time you fill one of the forms, and let me know which covers you prefer, you’re immediately entering the surprise giveaway!

Does it sound good? This week will start with book covers with hearts

July 25th: Cover Smackdown - Hearts
July 30th: Cover Smackdown – Hearts Results; Giveaway
August 01st: Cover Smackdown – Water
August 06th: Cover Smackdown – Hearts Results; Giveaway
August 08th: Cover Smackdown – Red Dress
August 13th: Cover Smackdown – Red Dress Results; Giveaway
August 15th: Cover Smackdown – Eye
August 20th: Cover Smackdown – Eye Results; Giveaway
August 22nd: Cover Smackdown – Flowers
August 27th: Cover Smackdown – Flowers Results: Giveaway
August 29th: Cover Smackdown – Legs and Feet
September 03rd: Cover Smackdown – Legs and Feet Results; Giveaway
September 05th:  Cover Smackdown – Animals
September 10th: Cover Smackdown – Animals Results; Giveaway
September 12th: Cover Smackdown – Holding Hands
September 17th: Cover Smackdown – Holding Hands; Giveaway
September 19th: Cover Smackdown – Kiss
September 24th: Cover Smackdown – Kiss Results, Giveaway
September 26th: Cover Smackdown – Embrace
October 01st: Cover Smackdown – Embrace Results
October 03rd: Cover Smackdown – Big Cover Smackdown Voting
October 08th: Cover Smackdown – Big Cover Smackdown Results; Big Giveaway
October 16th: Winners Announcement

Watch out for my next post. It will be all about book covers with hearts!


  1. Sounds good, love looking at covers!

  2. YAY! A new feature :D I love covers - who doesn't?