Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feature Giveaway Winners

Guess what? I have winners for the Top Ten Feature giveaways!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the feature and entered the giveaways. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Stay tuned because today I'll announce a new feature and then another new one on Monday. I'll be hosting a lot of giveaways in the weeks to come.

Now, to the important stuff. Chosen by, the winners are:

  • Giveaway #1:  The winner of two books from the feature is:
Entry #1143: Barmy_Bex

  • Giveaway #2: The Winner of one book from the feature + a 30% off coupon from Antiquarian Boutique is:
Entry #364: Erinberry

  • Giveaway #3: The winner of one book up to 5USD +a 50% coupon from Whimsical Fiction is:
Entry #1720: Cassia (cassia.talkin...)

  • Giveaway #4: The winner of Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens + Swag is:
Entry #949: Lindsey (leebee19...)

  • Giveaway #5: The winner of some Across the Universe by Beth Revis swag is:
Entry #831: Rose (vardit...)

  • Giveaway #6: The winner of one item up to $15 from Cissy Pixie by Polly is:
Entry #827: Elisquared

  • Giveaway #7: The winner of a bookmark from  Designs by Leesa + a 75% off cooupon from Bast Amor Jewellery is:
Entry #1455: Caroline (Carrierules...)

  • Giveaway #8: The winner of a bookmark from The Green Forest is:
Entry #959: Diana (artgiote...)

  • Giveaway #9: The winner of an item from Heather Gardner is:
Entry #1274:Camille (Camillemarie...)

  • Giveaway #10: The winner of a notebook from Sundryblossoms is:
Entry #262: Luce R

  • Giveaway #11: The winner of a Jane Austen Notepad from NorthSouthCreations is:
Entry #803: Michelle @ The True Book Addict

  • Giveaway #12: The winner of a Mortal Instruments Bookmark from Hebelmet is:
Entry #951: Vivien (deadtossed...)

  • Giveaway #13: The winner of a journal from BelleArticlesElegant + a 50% off coupon from Cold Hands Warm Art is:
Entry #86: Jenni Elyse 

  • Giveaway #14: The winner of a journal from Craftypagan Designs is:
Entry #447: Kristen @ Seeing Night

I'll contact all the winners today! You'll have 48 hours to respond to my email or I'll have to choose other winners.
Again, thank you for participating and entering the giveaways! :)