Saturday, July 9, 2011

Feature Giveway

So, thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Top Ten Feature. I really appreciate it!

Now, are you ready for the surprise giveaway?

Giveaway # 1:  One winner gets to choose two of the following books, which will be ordered form the Book Depository: (A lot of these books are the first ones in a series. If you win and want, for instance, the last book on the series instead of the first, just let me know.)



Giveaway # 2: One winner gets to choose one of the books above  but it has to be under 10 USD + a 30% off coupon from Antiquarian Boutique

Giveaway # 3: One winner will win a $5 Amazon Giftcard (or if you, like me, are International a book from the Bookdepository worth under 5 USD) + a 50% coupon from Whimsical Fiction

Giveaway # 4: One winner will win a copy of Heavenly + Swag sent to you by Jennifer Laurens! 

Giveaway # 5: One winner will win an Across the Universe signed bookmark and a bookplate sent by Beth Revis!

Giveaway # 6: One winner will choose one item up to $15 from Cissy Pixie by Polly

Giveaway # 7: One winner will win a bookmark from  Designs by Leesa + a 75% off cooupon from Bast Amor Jewellery.

Giveaway # 8: One winner will a bookmark from The Green Forest 

Giveaway # 9:  One winner will choose an item from Heather Gardner

Giveaway # 10: One winner will get a notebook from Sundryblossoms

Giveaway # 11: One winner will get a Jane Austen Notepad from NorthSouthCreations

Giveaway #12: One winner will get a Mortal Instruments Bookmark from Hebelmet

Giveaway # 13: One winner will choose a journal from BelleArticlesElegant + a 50% off coupon from Cold Hands Warm Art

Giveaway #14 - One winner will get the following journal from Craftypagan Designs

I hope you like the giveways! 

If you filled the Top Ten forms, you already entered the giveaways. You can gain more entries by filling the form below, though.

If you have not participated in the Top Ten Feature you can still fill the form below and participate in the giveaway.

If there's any giveaway you don't want to enter, just let me know! 

Giveaway details:
 - Anyone can enter. If you have participated in the top ten feature you'll get extra entries plus, if you don't want to fill this form, you have already entered the giveaway when you filled in the other forms.
 - You don't have to be a GFC follower but if you are you'll also get extra entries
 - Follow me on twitter for an extra entry (@C_cass189)
 - Tweet about this giveaway for another extra entry

 - This giveaway is open until Friday, July 22nd.
 - Winner will be announced on Saturday, July 23rd.
 - This giveaway is International!

If you have any questions or comments just let me know! :)

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  1. I really enjoyed this feature! Thanks for the fun and the giveaways. =O)

  2. Holy guacamole. That is a LOT of fantastic stuff - thank you so much!

    Thank you so much for hosting this feature! It's been really fun and I'm sad it's over :( I'm happy with the outcome of most of the lists though! Haha, it was interesting that so many people had similar tastes to mine.

    Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you for the great giveaway!!!
    Very beautiful shops.

  4. The gfc gadget appears to be broken on all the blogs today, so I am adding you to feedly (goodle reader) manually--I will try to remember to come back and become a regular follower! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  5. gadget is fixed and I am officially following you!

  6. It's so hard to choose only ten, but your choices were great! I might just post this up on my blog later, if I have time!

  7. Wow, these are really awesome giveaways! Thank you so much!

  8. Thanks for all the great giveaways! I love that the selection of books for prize #1 includes both classics and YA. :)