Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Faves of TwentyEleven: The Books

I was supposed to have posted this yesterday but completely forgot about it so here it is:

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1. Favorite Book Read in 2011:

I can't choose only one book so here are a few of my favorites: 

2. Most Powerful Book:
I simply loved this book and it definitely is a powerful read. It made me stop and think. This is a brilliant book.

3. Brilliantly Funny:

Some scened in this book definitely made me laugh a lot! Stone was great!

4. Best Ache-y, Heart-breaking, Tear-jerker Read:

For some reason this book got to me and became a tear-jerker for me!

5. Most Beautiful Story:

A beautiful and sad story.

6. Delicious Rainy Day Comfort Read:

This books is definitely ideal for a rainy day. It's fun, sweet and interesting.

7. Adrenaline-fuelled, Unputdownable Award:

There's a lot of interesting action in this book!

 8. The Beautiful Prose Award:

This is a very strong and very well-written book.

9. Most Atmospheric and Vivid Setting:

The Paris setting was amazing. It actually made me feel like I was there. :)

10. I So Want To Go There Award:

Both books made me want to go to Paris!

11.Most Original and Imaginative:

Both are very different books and definitely imaginative. I really liked both stories.

12.Best Under-appreciated, Hidden Gem Book

I'm not sure if this book belongs in this category but I just discovered Jill Shalvis this year and have been enjoying her books immensely!

13. I Had No Idea I Would Love This So Award:

I received this book for review and ended up really enjoying it!

14. Most Haunting Story:

If you've read this book you know why it's here. :)

15. Outside My Comfort Zone But Gosh How I Loved It :

I wasn't sure how much I would actually like this book since it was very different from what I usually read but I ended up really enjoying it! :)

16. Series That I'm Loving:

There are a lot of series that I am loving, these are just three of them. :)

17. Always Recommneding This Book Award:

18. Completely Awesome Premise Award:

This book definitely has a great and very imaginative premise.

19. Would Make The Best Movie:

20. Want To Re-Read Already:


What about you? What are your favorite books of 2011?

My favorite characters are coming right up!

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