Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Team Smackdown

Another Team Smackdown is on!

This week's Smackdown is:

Team Ren vs Team Shay (Nightshade Series)

Ren is being defended by Julie.

Team Ren - Nightshade Series by Andrea Cremer

Hey there! I’m Julie and I’ll be preaching about the greatness of Ren from the Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer.

~Name: Renier Laroche
~Age: 17…erm, 18 now, I guess. (Good news, ladies. He’s legal now ;D)
~Appearance: Dark eyes, dark hair, tall
~Alpha male of the of the teenage Bane pack

Looks aside, Ren is dead sexy. My pathetic description of his appearance doesn’t do him any justice at all. But for a few minutes we’ll pretend we aren’t shallow enough to fall for a character just based on his looks, and I’ll praise his amazing personality. He’s arrogant and aggressive, which may irritate people at first (or make you swoon) but once you get to know him a little more, you’ll realize how loyal he is and how much he truly cares for his pack. Ren takes leading the pack seriously and looks out for the members of the younger Bane pack like they’re his family. It’s not just that he’s obligated to care for the pack, it’s because he wants to care for them. Ren wants to protect them and keep them happy. It pains him when he can’t help them more than he’ll freely admit.

Ren can also be very sweet and romantic, although he does have a possessive streak. Being an alpha and all, he and Calla are always pushing at each other, and he makes Calla squirm on more than one occasion. Sexually and mentally. (He can also act like a real jerk when he’s jealous) But on the day of the union, he buys Calla a white gold ring so the union will feel more like it’ll be on their terms instead of a wolf pack political play. He’s not afraid to show his emotions but he also loves Calla enough to let her go and do what she feels is right. He doesn’t just want her to be with him because she feels like she has to, Ren wants Calla to be with him because she wants to. And that’s one thing that makes me support Ren. Even if he’s an alpha male and he’s been raised to take what’s his, he’s still moral enough to let her go, even if it goes against everything he’s learned while growing up.

Quotes from Nightshade:

“Tell me you’ll come back for the pack. For me.” His eyes were bright with tears. “I don’t want to lose you.”
“This is where you belong, Calla.” He pulled me closer, tilting my chin up. “Be with me. Tell me it’s what you want.”
I couldn’t tear my eyes from his. “What I want?”
“Yes. Anything, everything you need, I’ll give you. Always. I promise. Just tell me one thing.”
“That you want this, us.” His voice dropped so low I could barely hear him. “That someday you’ll love me.”
My hands began to tremble where they rested around his neck. “Ren, you know we’re going to be together. We’ve both known that for a long time.”
He gave me a hard look. “That’s not what I’m talking about.”
“Why are you asking me this?” I tried to pull back, but he held me against him.
The glimmer of a smile appeared on his lips. “Why not?”
My temper flared. “Are you trying to say that you love me?”
I meant it as a challenge rather than a serious question, but his eyes seemed to catch fire.
“What do you think?” He touched his lips to mine, softly at first, gradually building pressure, parting them.”

“I blushed when he stepped behind me, encircling my waist with his arms.
His lips brushed against my ear. “I believe the answer that will not get me in trouble with you is: the happiest day of my life. Or something along those lines. Definitely not the end of my carefree days or when I get a ball and chain. Hmmm, I’m just realizing that I’m going to have to buy you birthday and anniversary presents at the same time. What a pain.”

“What are you doing?” I tried to pull away, but his hand slipped from my hair to cup the nape of my neck.
When he whispered, his warm breath brushed over my lips. “Just let me kiss you, Calla. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to. No one has to know.”
My lips parted as I drew a sudden, startled breath and in that instant his mouth was on mine, soft as velvet. I closed my eyes against the rush of a hundred wings that suddenly beat in my chest and soared through my body.
His scent was all around me. Leather, sandalwood, bonfires in autumn. He pulled back, but only for the sake of moving his lips to trail over my neck.
My blood was on fire and I was shaking. Is this really happening?
“Right.” He slowly stood up. “This is new territory for you. Stupid sequestering, the Keepers better not have turned you into a nun or something.”

“This is only about love.”

And for y’all who’ve read the series, let’s just pretend that the Wolfsbane scene never existed, ‘kay?

Shay doesn't have an advocate so I'll let you know a little bit more about him:

Team Shay - Nightshade Series by Andrea Cremer

Name: Shay Doran
Age: 17
Appearance: brown hair


“It's been a pleasure, she-wolf.”

"The relationship of a girl and her favorite novel can be complex indeed." 

“Calla," Shay called from the hall. "Without your nakedness to distract me, I'm remembering that we're in serious trouble. Hurry, please." 

“Wait.” Shay clasped my arm, turning me toward him. “Calla, you know, right?”
“Know what?” I asked, caught in the mystery of his eyes.
“That I love you too.” 


Now that you've read a little bit about each of the guys in today's Team Smackdown is time to vote for your favorite!  The Team that wins today will face another Team in a future round!

Which Team are you on?
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I have another little giveaway for you:

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    2. Team Ren all the way! I love the cocky, Alpha male type!

    3. I've heard a lot about this series. I must get me hands on it as well too see to which team do I belong ;))

    4. Go Shay! Even though he's getting his ass kicked now.. lol