Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Excerpt - The Covenant Keeper

Book Excerpt - The Covenant Keeper

"And that’s when it hit me. As I stood and watched my mother’s house burn to the ground. The permanence. The finality of it. My mother was dead. And in spite of all her failings and craziness, I loved her. I missed her. I sank to my knees amidst the wet greenness of the gardenia bushes and wept. For the first time since that day by the ocean-side, I mourned for my mother. I cried for the years we never had. I cried because I knew that if she had lived, we would still be on opposite sides of the telesa divide. Because sometimes, even love is not enough to hold two people together.
The white perfume of Nafanua’s gardenia flowers was a gentle embrace in the night. There was a loud crackling roar as the last of the central beams of the burning house gave way, crashing to the ground in an explosion of fireworks/jittery sparks. I looked up and that’s when I saw her.
Sarona. Standing across from me on the opposite side of the blaze, staring at me. Smiling at my tears.  Unnoticed by anyone else in the bustle of firefighting. She waved at me once before turning to snap her fingers. A whip wire of lightning seared the heavens striking the fire truck nearest to me. It exploded sending charred steel and wire debris flying in every direction. People screamed and ducked for cover. The force of the explosion was a wave of heat that hit me, had me tumbling backwards, shielding my face, rolling on the ground for several feet before coming to a breathless halt back beside my Jeep. It hurt. But not as much as my pride. I had let her see me vulnerable. I picked myself up, searching for the woman in green.
She was gone. Score? One for Sarona. Zero for Leila.
And Daniel still hadn’t called me. This day officially sucked."

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  1. Enjoyed this excerpt. Another new author for me. I'll have to look into more :)