Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review - Human Instincts by Ioana Visan

Title and Author: Human Instincts by Ioana Visan
Publication Date: June 14th, 2012
Paperback/Hardcover: 100
Genre: Apocalyptic

Dr. Deanna Nichols is a geneticist searching for a cure to save the world. After the war nearly destroyed it by releasing an aggressive virus, it was the vaccine that killed the humanity’s chances for progress and survival. Deanna feels guilty because she has participated in creating the vaccine, and General Mackenzie never lets her forget that.
Their luck changes when they are contacted by the convicts held in a secret military prison hidden in the arctic desert. The C deviance criminals are willing to negotiate and provide unaffected DNA samples in exchange for supplies and a visit paid by the doctor herself. Suddenly there’s hope, so Deanna embarks on a dangerous journey to a grittier reality than she had expected.

Could a woman alone save the world?

I have received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.
Human Instincts is a fast and interesting, apocalyptic novella of about 100 pages.
The world has been almost completely destroyed after a global war and the release of a virus and the vaccine that killed any change humanity could have to survive and grow.
Having participated in the process of creation of the vaccine, Deanne feels incredibly guilty. Suddenly the chance for her to redeem herself presents itself and Deanne doesn’t hesitate.
Can she find a way to save the world?
There’s not much background on the characters but I still found them to be very interesting and well-written.  I wouldn’t mind reading more about them and their lives.
When it comes to the whole apocalyptic world, I think the author did a great job creating it. The apocalyptic scenario created is believable and I quite enjoyed the whole story surrounding the virus and its cure.
There’s a big scientific component to the story that can sometimes become difficult to understand for people who (like me) aren’t exactly science oriented.
All in all, I really did enjoy this novella. It is well-written, well-researched, fast paced and interesting.
If you enjoy a good apocalyptic story with a logical component, I think you’ll definitely be able to enjoy this novella. 

Rating: Worth Your Time (4 Stars)


  1. I enjoyed reading your review.I am so in awe of writers with a scientific edge, and love to have fun reading while learning a thing or two.
    M.C.V. Egan

  2. I'm a huge fan of the science aspect of fiction. It can be so compelling. Sounds like a fascinating read!