Thursday, September 27, 2012

What People Are Saying - Clarity Series by Kim Harrington

In case you haven't come across this series before, here's what a few  book bloggers and reviewers are saying about JKim Harrington and the Clarity Series.

Praise for Kim:

"Kim Harrington has done a really good job with Clarity. Believable characters, and a wonderful plotline that kept me guessing the whole way through. The supernatural bits are there but not overwhelming and with a dabbing of murder and mystery makes Clarity a sure fire winner"
  - Michael @ Goodreads

Praise for the Clarity Series:

"Clare found her place high up on my list of favorite heroines. She felt like an actual person to me and I enjoyed her intelligence and her loyalty. In fact, I thought all the characters were fully fleshed out."

"There was so much mystery in Perception that I couldn’t stop reading it! I just had to know all the things that were going on and I was busy forming opinions the whole time about which events were linked and which were just red herrings. I loved it so much!"

"I still found Perception a quite thrilling and entertaining read, with an engaging plot and still opportunity for more secrets and mysteries"
  - Rachael @ The Book Muncher

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