Sunday, August 21, 2011

Author Interview

Lisa Vaughn, the author of  The Gifted Ones was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

I hope you enjoy the interview and Lisa's answers! :)

1 -Tell us a little about yourself?

LV: Well, I'm a self-proclaimed 'hippie-chick' that enjoys a laid back life with my husband and four cats in SW Florida. As an artist, I'm always looking for ways to express myself through my art, or recently, through written word. Basically I'm just a chick with a story, as everyone has one...this just happens to be mine.

2 - Have you always wanted to be a writer? If not, when did you first realize you wanted to write your story?

LV: Actually the last thing I ever would of dreamed would be to see 'Author' on my resume! Like I said, I'm an artist, practically from birth, so expressing myself comes naturally through my projects. My memoir, to me, is just an extension of my artwork - only in a different medium.
And truthfully, I never set out to write a 'book' just happened one weird afternoon when for some reason I decided to sit down with a friend and tell her my story, which had been locked tight inside my head for 30+ years. When I finished, she conveyed to me through her tear-soaked face that I needed to share my story with the world. That afternoon only justified what I already knew, that my story was indeed special, and now I was convinced it needed to be told. I went home that day and banged out a very rough draft in less than two weeks! (Of course it would not be published for another 2 years though...editing IS, after all, a bear!)

3 – The Gifted Ones is a memoir. What compelled you to write a memoir?
LV: My memoir is actually the result of my dealings with 'unfinished business' concerning my mother (and a few others) after her death in 2005. I realized quickly that I held a lot of anger and resentment towards her that needed to be dealt with in order to first understand it, then accept it, then forgive and move on for good this time. Through my writing I have been able to accomplish what I couldn't in 30 years. It truly set my soul free, so to speak, and made me realize how I got from Point A to Point B, where I stand today. Once I saw my story in black-and-white, I was able to fit the puzzle pieces together and realize all those happenings made me the person I see staring back at me in the mirror today, and for that I am truly grateful, and oddly enough, I wouldn't change a thing!

4 - Has your family read the book? What do think and feel about The Gifted Ones?

LV: Only my sister has read it from my immediate family. She is an aspiring author herself, so she was the obvious 'go-to' person for advice and support, which she gave me whole-heartedly. My brother does not know as of this date, but I am planning on telling him when the time is right. But the hardest by far was giving it to my husband! Luckily I got a 'good one' and he supports me unconditionally, which has drawn us even closer now that he knows the WHOLE story! He understands and loves the person I am today, which would not of been possible had I not had my experiences from my past. I'm truly a lucky gal that has been blessed with love on many levels.

5- Have you ever regained contact with Selina?

LV: That is actually one of the highlights of writing this memoir! I knew I would eventually have to track Selina down before I even thought of publishing, just to get her approval and support, I wouldn't think of putting a story out there involving her name without her knowledge. So to make a long story short, I did find her, she graciously supports me 100% and we have reconnected our friendship, taking off where we left it 30 years ago! Although we live cross-country from one another, we keep in touch often and visit frequently. She is, and always will be, my soul sister, my true BFF. At our cores, we are still the same people we were back in the day, and I couldn't imagine my life without her in it. In fact,due to my book, I also have reunited with her sister and Jon! A bonus I did not see coming when I hit the 'publish' button for my book! So in many ways I have already received a priceless gift, that all started with a little memoir called, The Gifted Ones!

6- What would you like your readers to learn or take from your book?

LV: My main goal and purpose of exposing my naked soul to the public is to emphasize one very important word: ACCEPTANCE. I think everyone that reads the book will walk away with something that touches them - whether you're straight, bi, or gay. We all have one human need, and that is to be loved. And a healthy love is never wrong. Even if you don't 100% agree, at least you can respect another's rights to share this wonderful aspect of life with the person of their choosing, not societies. And also for parents to realize that every action you take with your child can enhance them or destroy them. Your reactions have a huge impact on them and could possibly change who they are...handle with care.

7 - Is there a particular writer/s who has/have inspired you to write?

LV: Actually I have always gravitated towards non-fiction reading. I love memoirs and biographies. Famous or not. So I can't say one author or story inspired me, but I can say reading about others overcoming tragedies, or life hurdles, certainly inspired me to deal with my own baggage and ultimately write my own pages.

8- Is there anything you want to say to your readers or that you would like them to know?

LV:  I just hope by me exposing my inner-most secret world (which believe me, wasn't easy) they will be able to relate some portion to their own private world and take away a positive  nugget of knowledge and understanding that can be passed on, first to themselves, then to future generations. It all starts with one person. Accept and love people for WHO they are, not WHAT they are...and I think you'll see the world in a totally different light. Lets make 2011 the year we put an end to segregating people based on who they choose to love...that legacy stops HERE.

 ACCEPTANCE..Pay it Forward!

I would like to thank Carla for giving me this platform and exposing my memoir in order to spread my words of acceptance! Remember, it starts with one person...YOU.

 Thank You Carla!!!

Thank you Lisa for answering my questions! :)


  1. Great interview!! I am really looking forward to reading this book...My blog is named "They say everyone has a Story..I am having a tough time with family members concerning my memoir. I can only hope reconnections will be possibe.

  2. Great interview! Thank you for sharing!