Monday, October 3, 2011

Cover Smackdown

So, the Cover Smackdown Feature is almost over!

I've asked you to vote for your favorite 5 covers from sveral batches of cover. Now, I want you to choose only one cover from each theme.
I want you to fill in the form below and vote for your top cover from each batch. You can vote for those covers until Friday.

Now, the covers (these are the winning covers from each vote):


1 2 3

4 5


01 02 03

04 05

01 02 03

04 05 06



01 02 03

04 05


01 02 03


That's it for now! Next week I'll ask you to vote for a few more covers and then this feature will come to an end with a giveaway!

So, Remember this is about the covers and not the books themselves!
So, if you want to participate, fill in this week’s form. Vote for your favorite covers. It is open until Friday (October 7th).

You’ll notice in the form that you need to tell me which your  favorite cover are of the ones pictured above. That will count as one entry. Extra entries can be won by spreading the word about this feature and giveaway.

Good luck and thank you for participating! This is International!

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