Friday, July 27, 2012

What People Are Saying - Born In Series by Nora Roberts

In case you haven't come across this series before, here's what a few  book bloggers and reviewers are saying about Nora Roberts and her Born In Series.

Praise for Nora Roberts:

"Nora Roberts never disappoints me. Never. I love the way she tell her story, the characters she creates, the settings of her stories... in short I love everything. "
      - Ummi @ Goodreads

What bloggers and reviewers are saying about the books:

"The characters are the heart of this story. It isn't often in a book I can empathise so well with a character that I'd cry big fat tears, as if I was in there. I wanted to hug Maggie, I wanted to throw my own words at her mother. Plus this morning I wore that stupid grin on my face going "awww" when Rogan did something sweet. "
   - Ria @ Goodreads

"I would recommend this story to all who love to hear the sounds of old Erin...who love characters who challenge each other mightily, as well as the interpersonally relationships between Margaret Mary, her sister, and mother. "
   - Sandy @ Hodgepodgespv

"When it comes down to it. I just loved this one. I loved the intimacy Brianna and Grayson shared. I laughed and cried. I even yelled at it a couple of times. Scary how much this book has opened my eyes to the world of romance novels. Either way, a straight-up fantastic read"
     - Hannah @ Among Stories

"Nora Roberts at her best: awesome characters, great setting, a wonderful love story and a great deal of humor!"
     - Melissa @ Goodreads

"What an awesome conclusion to the series! I think this might even be my favorite of the series, but then Born of Ice was excellent too.
Murphy was a fantastic, yummy, dreamy, wonderful hero that I couldn't get enough of and if Shannon was a little cold, she had reasons for acting this way."
     - Fani @ Goodreads

"Funny, intense and cry-able. In a few words, loved it."
     - Katherine @ Goodreads

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