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Interview with William Sibley author of Sighs Too Deep For Words

Interview with William Sibley author of Sighs Too Deep For Words

1 - Have you always wanted to be a writer? If not, when did you know you really wanted to write?

No, I always wanted NOT to be a Doctor, Banker, Lawyer or Accountant. What I really wanted to be was a Rancher, Film Director and/or Writer.  (Accomplishing 2 out of 3 I did!)
I knew I wanted to write when the first thing I ever wrote (a play) won a prize and subsequently got produced right after college.  It's been downhill ever since. 

2 - What inspired you to write Sighs Too Deep for Words?

I keep a small notebook of ideas that I carry around.  I scribbled a sentence or two about a man receiving love letters while in prison - that were written secretly by another man.  Great set-up - I was off.

3 - What's the biggest challenge you face when writing? 

Doing the bloody thing!  I usually get half way through and decide it's all rubbish, or I just get bored with it. Actually the getting bored part is a good thing because if I'm bored the reader is bored.  So I quickly paint myself into a corner and figure out how to get myself out.  My one commandment is: NEVER BORE THE READER! It doesn't have to be WAR AND PEACE you're writing but it does have to MOVE!

4 - Who are your favorite writers? Why? 
Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Larry McMurtry ("The Good McMurtry  vs. The Bad"), John Kennedy Toole - all southerners.  Southern writers all have storytelling genes deep, deep in their souls.   Northerners frequently have to mine for it.  Both create interesting - but different - results.

5 - Is there anything else you would like your readers to know? 

The only writing talent I have is creating believable dialogue.  And the longer I live and the more I read I realize what a serious gift it is I've been given. 
I waved to Emperor Haile Selassie once passing by in his Rolls Royce in a parade in Ethiopia (True!). 
I used to raise Ostriches (Very true!!)
I only have 4 toes on my left foot (alas, NOT TRUE.)

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