Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Excerpt + Giveaway - Across The Ocean by Heather Sosbee

Title: Across The Ocean

Author: Heather Sosbee

Release date: December 1st, 2013

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description:
Brooke has spent the last four years dreaming of visiting Iceland. When everything in her life seems to fall apart, she takes it as a sign that now is the time to go. She heads to the land where the sun doesn’t set, the mountains are fierce, and the hot pools are divine.
Ari is the handsome Viking that Brooke has fallen for over the years through the internet. Now that she finally gets to meet him in person, she’s unprepared for how steamy things are between them. Only Ari isn’t available. He’s involved with a woman whose jealousy brings nothing but torment between Brooke and Ari. Will Ari choose Brooke? Or will she be forced to leave all of her dreams behind?

This book is for mature audiences only, due to sexual content, language, and difficult scenarios.


Book Excerpt

If I’m honest with myself, I secretly wanted him to look at me, talk to me, and flirt with me. I wanted him to jump the table and tell Lára to fuck off because he was mine now. I wanted him to want me so much after seeing me for the first time that he just had to have me, and to hell with the consequences. I think a small fanciful spot in my mind hoped that it might be a possibility.

I’ve come to learn that there are always two parts of the mind: the dark, dirty part that always thinks of the things you would never admit to anyone, because you know they’d judge you and the mean, spiteful, selfish things you think about. They’re all there.

Then there is the realistic, moral side. This is the side that comes out in the open for most people, where they say the right things, want the right things, and are selfless and giving. We all have both sides. Make no mistake in thinking that you don’t. Sometimes, I think my dark side isn’t so far under the surface. It burns for Ari and craves for him to crave me. I’m almost desperate to claim back a piece of what we had online over the years. I’m kind of frightened by its intensity and how difficult it is for me to control this part.

My realistic, moral side helps talk me down. She reminds me that I feel guilty for thinking these thoughts and that Lára doesn’t deserve for me to come between the two of them. It doesn’t matter what I will be missing out on and sacrificing to keep it that way.

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