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Review + Giveaway - Mike's Way Back by Amy Gregory

Title: Mike's Way Back by Amy Gregory
Publication Date: September 20th, 2013 
Paperback/Hardcover: 140
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
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Detective Mike Sterling walked away from his dream job telling himself it was to honor the promise he’d made his mother, while lying in a Chicago emergency room. A year later, he’s still fighting the demons that followed him back to his boyhood town.
Taryn Watts is an award-winning designer, going from project to project, living from a suitcase. Her plan for Renlend Kansas was the same as always. Go in, get the job done and get out, just the way she likes it. Growing up as a cop’s daughter, her every move was controlled. When she escaped to college she vowed to never fall in love with a cop –ever. Until she found herself sitting across from the ruggedly handsome stranger. Looking into Mike’s ice blue eyes they pulled her, called to her, but there was a haunting in them she knew too well.
Mike is drawn to Taryn, her passion for her work and her stunning beauty left him breathless, but what surprises him most is the peace he feels when he’s near her. Maybe it’s because Taryn is a temporary addition to his town and his secret is safe, or maybe it’s because she makes him feel safe. Mike knows he can’t keep up this charade and when Taryn moves to Renlend for an extended stay he can’t hide the truth any longer.
Can Taryn forget he’s a cop and give him her heart, or will his demons drive them apart

I have received this book as part of a book tour in exchange of an honest review.
After giving up his dream job Detective Mike Sterling decided to go back to his hometown, where he hoped he would be able to get a little peace and quiet.
Growing up as the daughter of a cop, Taryn wasn’t exactly happy. Nowadays she’s a successful designer, determined to stay away from any men like her father.
When Mike and Taryn’s paths collide, their lives might be completely changed.
I really liked the characters in this book.
Taryn is strong and determined. There’s a softer side to her, though. Mike is great as well. He’s sweet and understanding and a perfect balance to Taryn. He often brings the best in her, I think.
Mike didn’t have an easy time seducing Taryn. Every time he tried to be charming things ended up not going exactly his way and I loved that.
All in all, Mike’s Way Back is a great, romantic and sexy story. The book is well-written and well-paced and was able to keep me interested and entertained right from the start.
If you enjoy a good contemporary Romance go ahead and give this book a chance!

Rating:   Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

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  1. Thank you so much for your time and review! I'm ecstatic that you found Taryn and Mike entertaining, that is exactly what I want this series to do! xoxo, Amy