Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cruise to Murder Blog Tour

I'm participating in the Cruise to Murder Blog Tour and hosting a little guest post. 
Check the end of the post to know how you can have access to a free copy of The Riddles of Hillgate.

Dating Woes of a Murder Magnet 

Excerpt from Cruise to Murder:

“Hi, ladies. Whatcha doing?”
“Butch!” said Zo.
“I guess I’m too late for the tour.”
Claire took a few steps away from them, to report her finding.
“You live here, and you haven’t been on the tour or know all the history better than the guide?” Zo shook her head.
“You expect too much of me, woman with soft fire hair.”
“Take a look at that.” She pointed down.
“What, did you find a big fighting crab? Oh, wow, Zo, an empty hole! Tourists are soooo easy to entertain.”
“Take a little closer look down at the sand over there.” Claire was finished with her call, and flashed her cell phone’s light down for better vision.
“Okay. I see a lot of dirty sand, big deal, and… What? What is that? Fingers? Aghaaa!” He jumped back and almost fell. “Who are you ladies? Everywhere you go there are bodies! Or, in this case, maybe parts of bodies! You guys are creeping me out!” He continued in a needy, wounded tone, “I will need some kisses all around my face, Zo, for comfort. But,” he continued in a more resolute voice, “I’m not going in any dark corners with either of you!”

Z: Butch is one of the natives whom I was quite fond of in Cruise to Murder. We  seemed to really hit it off, dancing and dining together on the cruise ship.
C: Mom just kept surprising him by being around crime scene after crime scene. It wasn’t totally our fault either, because trouble seems to follow us.
Z: Yeah, it’s not like I think, Today is a lovely day to find a dead man in a cave, especially when I am on vacation!
C: Such is the life of a sleuth, I guess.
Z: Is that what we are, dear?
C: I would say so. We’ve solved three mysteries together, two being The Riddles of Hillgate and Cruise to Murder. We are currently writing about our latest adventure, called Hexes and Xs. So, yes, you can call us sleuths.
Z: Oh, that is so Nancy Drew-ish. I like it. What do you say, we head down to the buffet and get something to eat.
C: Sounds good, but let’s first say thank you to Carla from Library Mosaic. Thank you for having us on your beautiful blog! I want to let your readers know to sign up for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card at our blog—

Now, if you want to read The Riddles of Hillgate, Zoey and Claire offered a smashwords coupon code for everyone.
The code is: FH88H and you can use it at:
Thank you!

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