Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review - Promise Me Eternity by Ian Fox

Title and Author: Promise Me Eternity by Ian Fox
Publisher: Kindle
Publication Date: January 20th, 2011
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Dr. Simon Patterson is a successful and well-respected neurosurgeon at Central Hospital in the town of Medford. Married, though without children, he keeps himself so busy that one day is not much different from another. Until, that is, he saves the life of the powerful mobster Carlo Vucci.
At a dinner in honor of Dr. Patterson, Carlo Vucci introduces him to his alluring wife Christine. Simon is entranced by her beauty.
Three weeks later, Christine shows up at the hospital, complaining of terrible headaches. Dr. Patterson offers to help her, but Christine did not come to see him just because of her headaches. A series of shocking events follow that turn Dr. Patterson’s life into a nightmare. Among other things, he finds himself in court being accused of murder in the first degree …

I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review and though this was a very interesting story about mystery, murder and greed.
Dr. Simon Patterson is a respected neurosurgeon who despite being married for 15 years pays little attention to his greedy wife since he’s completely invested in developing an anti-aging vaccine. When he saves the life of a known gangster who offers him a large amount of money his own life changes completely culminating with his wife’s murder and everything indicating he was guilty.
There’s a big cast of characters in this book so it’ll force you to pay attention to what’s happening. One chapter may be about one character and then change to another one so it can be a little complicated to keep track of who you’re reading about sometimes.
This is a great mystery, though. There’s enough suspense to keep the reader interested and wondering what will happen and how the story will end.
There are some great twists in Promise me Eternity that I really enjoyed and, all in all, I really think this is a very good mystery novel that deals with interesting subjects.
I think anyone who likes a good mystery and suspense story will be able to enjoy this one.

Rating: Somewhere Between Readable and Worth Your Time (3 ½ Stars)

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