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Interview with Jessica Shirvington about the Violet Eden Chapters Series

Interview with Jessica Shirvington about the Violet Eden Chapters Series


Jessica Shirvington took the time to answer a few of my questions about The Transcend Time Series.
I hope you enjoy this interview!

Thank you, Jessica!

1 – What inspired you to write the Violet Eden Chapters Series? Can you describe the series in less than 10 words?

It is hard to say what it is exactly that inspired the series. It was so many things. Originally just a small idea of a girl caught between destiny and freewill. Once I started writing and the research took over, the story threads opened to so much more than I’d ever imagined. At the heart of it all though, still remains Violet. This is her story and her choices and consequences. I think more than anything I wanted to write a story about her and about getting everything impossible and hard and trying that life can throw at you and seeing if you can come out on top.

Describing the series: Choice and consequence. Love and sacrifice. Friendship and betrayal.

2 – There are a lot of books out there about fallen angels. Have you read any of them? If yes, which book would you recommend?

I don’t read many of them to be honest, mostly because I don’t want to ever be influenced by them, but every now and then I’ll pick one up. I’ve read Unearthly and Hallowed by Cynthia Hand, which were really good. And I’ve read the first three of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. She is a fabulous writer.

3 – There’s a love triangle in Embrace – the first book in the series – so I have to ask: Do you ever find yourself completely torn between Lincoln and Phoenix? Can you ever choose between them?

Yes, I do find myself torn between them, but in a different way to Violet. I have the added advantage of knowing all of their secrets. Violet has to deal with her feelings for them based on what she knows. I know a lot more. My heart goes out to both of them as in their own way they are each on their own journey and both roads are paved with sacrifice and loss. And no, I can never choose between them. But then, I don’t need to!

4 – Violet is a strong young woman and a great heroine. Is there any book heroine you particularly like?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland!
I like any heroine who can find the inner strength to do what must be done. I don’t always buy it when they just seem to have the strength from day one, they have to mature into it and earn their strength.

5 – Is there anything you can let us know about the upcoming books in the Violet Eden Chapters Series?

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I can say, expect to travel. In each book the characters go to another place around the world. It was important to me that they go to the world, rather than the world and all its problems simply finding them. You can also expect more characters and, of course, complications. Love is always on the cards, but heartache is often close behind. All that, and off course, a few things get blown up along the way. ;-)

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