Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Book Boyfriend

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme, hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. It is a weekly meme where we talk about a literary crush including stats, a picture of what you imagine he looks like and some quotes from him that make you swoon.  If you are interested in participating please check out the My Book Boyfriend Introduction Page over at Missie's blog The Unread Reader.

This week my book boyfriend is:

Luc Cain from the Personal Demons Series by Lisa Desrochers



Status: Luc is a demon created from sin. There's more to him than his demonic side. He's Frannie's love interest.

Age: He's been around for seven millennia!

Height: Tall

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

More info: Luc is actually Dante's muse and he's in  for a surprise when he meets Frannie and ends up feeling things for her he didn't think were possible.


"My eyes work slowly over his black T-shirt and jeans, not to mention the body underneath—very nice—as he saunters over and sits to my left. He folds his tall frame nto the attached desk and chair with the grace of a sly black cat, and I swear the temperature in here just shot up ten degrees. The dim classroom lights glint faintly off the three steel bars piercing the outside corner of his right eyebrow as he stares at me through silky black bangs with the blackest eyes I’ve ever seen."

"Gabriel. This has to be his fault, somehow. I'm going to track him down, pluck out his angel feathers, and stuff a pillow with them."

We could work on our English outline," I say and almost can't contain the chuckle.
"Really? That's your idea of a hot date?"
"I'm sorry, I wasn't aware we were on a 'hot date'" And this time I can't contain the chuckle when she cringes. "So, how hot would you like it? I'm capable of all levels of hotness, from Luc-warm to - and I'm being literal here - hotter than Hell."

'“There’s no crying in baseball and no love in Hell. It’s just the rules. You could say it’s against our religion, more or less."'

He spins me, and his hand cups my face as he gazes down into my eyes. “God, I lovey ou.” His eyes glisten. “I love you with everything that I am.”
His voice breaks on the last word and he closes his eyes and draws a deep breath. His lips press into a tight line before he turnsaway from me. He walks to the kitchen table, staggering on the last step, and leans his hands on the table for support. My heart pounds, trying to escape my chest, as he hangs his head between his shoulders and just stands there.
“I love you so much, it hurts,” he finally says, so low, I can barely hear him.'

Here's a trailer posted by Lisa Desrochers that's all about Luc:

So how devilishly cool is Luc?
Who's your book boyfriend this week?


  1. I want to read this so badly! Luc sounds so awesome and the premise of this series looks perfect for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ohhhh I think I would like to be kept Luc-warm he sounds fantastic, I love that last quote "I love you so much it hurts" swoooon!

    Thanks for sharing Carla:)