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Interview with Michelle Madow about the Transcend Time Series

Interview with Michelle Madow about the Transcend Time Series

Michelle Madow was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about The Transcend Time Series.
I hope you enjoy this interview!

Thank you, Michelle!

1 – Can you tell us about what inspired you to start writing the Transcend Time Series?
The Transcend Time Series was inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” music video. I watched the video for the first time back in 2008, and was positively enchanted by it! The music video ignited the idea of a modern girl seeing a guy and remembering a past life they shared. I wrote the first chapter as a homework assignment for an Intro to Creative Writing class, and was amazed when my teacher and classmates loved it and said they wanted to know what happened next. With the encouragement of my family and friends, I finished the draft of Remembrance by the end of the school year.

2 - Can you tell us something we might not know about the series or the characters?
When I wrote the first draft, the character Hannah wasn’t even in the story! She was added later, when I was editing. I added her when I realized there was a scene in the middle of the book that wasn’t working properly, because I needed a character to interfere with the situation going on. The problem was: That character didn’t exist yet! So I had to create Hannah and then weave her through the entire story, just so she could be in that one scene and make it work the way it should. I’m glad I added her though, because Lizzie needed a true friend like Hannah, and I feel like she added a lot to the book beyond the one scene she was originally required for.

3 -Who would you say is the hardest character, from the series, to write about? Why?
It’s a toss-up between Chelsea and Jeremy. Both of them are “grey” characters—they make bad decisions, but they’re not inherently evil. I had to get the balance right so they were flawed without being one hundred percent dislikeable. (But they’re not very likeable either, so it was all about getting the balance right in their personalities!)

4 – In your opinion what makes great book characters?
When I read a book, I want to feel like I can in some way relate to the main character. I always enjoy a book more if I can understand the motivations behind a character’s actions. I also don’t want to read about perfect characters—they have to be flawed, since a perfect character is not believable. If I feel like a character can jump off the page and be a real person, then they are a great book character.

5 – What can you let us know about the other books in the series?
Vengeance, the short story bridge between Remembrance and Timeless, came out in December 2011. It’s told from Chelsea’s point of view, and a crucial event takes place in the story that creates a starting point for Timeless. I’m currently working on Timeless, the final part of the series. I promise that everyone who wanted to see more historical elements in Remembrance will definitely be happy with the direction of Timeless!

I’m aiming for a late 2012 release date for Timeless. To stay on top of news regarding my books, please visit and discover all the ways you can connect with me online. I absolutely LOVE connecting with fans, so please add me on Twitter and Subscribe to my Facebook!

Thank you, Carla, for interviewing me about the Transcend Time Series!

Thank you!


  1. Wow, I've never heard of anyone's idea of a book sparking from a specific song, which is kind of cool. (Scratch kind of, it's EPIC.) I've been wanting to read this for the longest time but unfortunately I just can't find it at my local indie bookstore :c Can't wait to somehow get my hands on it!

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm so curious about your book, Remembrance. It sounds a great book. Wow! So the idea of this book came from Taylor Swift's Love Story music video? Awesome. Loved that music video. Can't wait to read your book :)

  3. My best friend is a huge fan of you Michelle! It's really wonderful how music inspired you!
    Ileana A.

  4. What a great interview!! I love getting to know the authors better. It's so intriguing how music really inspired her.