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Interview with Jessica Spotswood about the Cahill Witch Chronicles

Interview with Jessica Spotswood about the Cahill Witch Chronicles


Jessica Spotswood kindly answer a few of my questions about The Cahill Witch Chronicles.
I hope you enjoy this interview!

Thank you, Jessica!

1 – What inspired you to start writing The Cahill Witch Chronicles Series?

I had a dream about three sisters who were fighting over a magical locket. There’s no magical locket in BW, but the idea of writing about sisters with a complicated magical inheritance stuck. I’m one of three sisters myself, so I’m familiar with the complicated mix of love and sibling rivalry.

2 – I know this isn’t exactly a fair question but we need to know: are you Team Finn or Team Paul? :P For those fans of the book that are still unsure which team they support, how would you describe the guys?

I’m definitely Team Finn. I think Cate knows her own heart; by the end of the book, the love triangle is over. Let’s see: I’d describe Paul as a charming, flirtatious, handsome architect and a best friend turned suitor. And I’d describe Finn as an awkward, clever, loyal bookseller turned gardener.

3 – There are tough female characters in Born Wicked. In your opinion, what makes a great and strong heroine?

Thank you! It was really important to me to write about girls who are strong and independent and smart, because those are the kind of women in my own life. To me, a strong heroine is a girl who is passionate about something (besides a boy), who has dreams and pursues them, and has important, interesting relationships in her life beyond romance (though I do love writing the romance).

4- Is there something we might not know about the series or the characters that you can tell us?

Hmm. Well, two secrets from STAR CURSED: one of my favorite scenes is actually a book-burning and another is a make-out scene in a library! As for character secrets – Elena isn’t as evil as you might think she is at the end of BORN WICKED.

5 – Star Cursed, the second book in the series, will be released next year. What can you let us know about it?

STAR CURSED will be out in June 2013. There isn’t an official synopsis, but I’m afraid things are only going to get worse before they get better for Cate and her sisters! The Cahill girls will learn more about their magical heritage and what’s expected of them in the coming war between the Brotherhood and the witches. As usual, they’ll be divided about how to handle the responsibilities they’re faced with. They’ll finally get to meet their godmother, Zara Roth. There will be scandalous romantic trysts, new friends, political uprisings, and heartbreaking betrayals! 

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  1. Hi! Nice interview! I love Independent and though female character! This book is totally my kind of YA paranormal romance reads!

  2. Thumbs up for the interview! I've heard a ton of great stuff about this series, and although I was a bit hesitant at first (witches aren't my favourite characters in paranormal fiction), I got absolutely swayed to the other side.