Thursday, February 14, 2013

February: Month of Love and Book Boyfriends - Day Fourteen: Zachary Moore

Day 14! Today's book boyfriend is:

Zachary Moore


Name/Book: Zachary Moore from Shade Series by Jeri Smith-Ready


Height: 5'11

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark Brown

Physical Description/ First Appearance

"The boy stood alone now, hands on his hips, examining me. A breeze blew a splash of dark bangs across his forehead, and his posture made his faded blue T-shirt stretch across his broad chest."


Zachary threaded his arm through mine and leaned close. "I think it would be nice if you'd let yourself be naughty.


"No, it's pure confidence. It's not 'I want' or 'I need', none of that crap." He slipped his hand over mine. "It's 'I will.'"
A nervous laugh bubbled up. "You will, huh?"
His fingers brushed my cheek, then slid into my hair. "I will."
Somehow, in the darkness, his lips found mine"

 He knelt and slowly ran his hand down my arm, his lids heavy and his lips parted. "Aura...where can I touch you?"
His hand left my arm and drifted to the rise of my hip bone. "And where can I kiss you?"
I took a deep breath, long past ready for the future. "Everywhere.


And then what?"
The tips of his fingers pressed against mine, firm and smooth. "And then...and only then...will you know how much I love you.


He grunted without looking up. "I miss the packaged biscuits from home. No one makes junk food like the Brits."
"Better than my grandmom's cookies?"
"Does your grandmother make dark chocolate Hob Nobs? No. So yes, better."

Why He's a Great Book Boyfriend:

Zach is Scottish! Yes, that means he has a sexy accent! He's charming and sweet and patient. He can be a bit stubborn sometimes but he's also quite determined and knows what he wants. He's also a great friend.


I'm definitely a fan of Zach's.
What about you? What do you think of him?


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  1. I love your post!! Zach is the best!!
    Not a bad boy but a real boy, sweet, caring, brave, courageous, loyal, he'd totally be the perfect boyfriend.

  2. Love Zachary! He's such a great character full of pure awesome (plus that accent!). JSR has created a wonderful series full of characters that feel real and you can't help but love!

  3. I tried, but I can't put it any better than Deanne did! Zach's one of my all-time favorite characters!

  4. i love zach~~~ his unique personality his awesomeness and his ACCENT!!!! omg~~~

  5. I live Zachary :) He is one of My favorite book boyfriends. The accent is a plus of course, but I love that he is romantic and protective