Monday, February 4, 2013

February: Month of Love and Book Boyfriends - Day Four: Étienne St. Clair

Day 4! Today is time to learn a little bit more about:

Étienne St. Clair



Name/Book: Étienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Age: 17

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brow

 Physical Description/ First Appearance

"The first thing I notice is his hair - it's the firs thing I notice about everyone. It's dark brown and messy and somehow both long and short at the same time. I think of the Beatles, since I've just seen them in Meredith's room. It's artist hair. Musician hair. I-pretend-I-don't-care-but-I-really-do-hair. Beautiful hair"


His eyes lock on mine. "Anna, I promise I will never leave you."
My heart pounds in response. And Étienne knows it, because he takes my hand and holds it against his chest, to show me how hard his heart is pounding too."


"The first day of school." He scoots closer. "We weren't physics partners by accident. I saw Professeur Wakefield assigning lab partners based on where people were sitting, so I leaned foward to borrow a pencil from you at just the right moment so he'd think we were next to each other. Anna, I wanted to be your partner the first day."


I don't care what he thinks. Only what you think." He holds me tighter. "Like if you think I need to stop biting my nails."
"You've worn your pinkied to nubs." I say cherfully."


"He takes my hands into his. Those perfect hands, that fit mine just so. "Anna?" Our foreheads touch. 
"Will you please tell me you love me? I'm dying here."

Why He's a Great Book Boyfriend:

Étienne loves History, wears a funny hat, loves his mother and is sweet and funny. What more can I say? He truly makes a wonderful book boyfriend.

So, what do you think of Étienne? Is he or is he not a great book boyfriend?


  1. I don't usually like contemporary romance but Etienne <3 So much swooning!

  2. He is one of my favorite book boyfriends!