Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February: Month of Love and Book Boyfriends - Day Six: Tucker Avery

Day 6 means is time to get to know this young man a little bit better:

Tucker Avery


Name/Book: Tucker Avery from UnearthlySeries by Cynthia Hand

Age: 17

Height: Tall

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Golden Brown

Physical Description/ First Appearance

"Behold, Tucker Avery," she says to me, gesturing up at him.
Her brother resembles her in nearly every way: same hazy blue eyes, same tan, same golden brown hair, except his hair is short and spiky and he's a foot taller.  He is definitely part of the cowboy group, although toned down from some of the others, wearing a simple grey tee, jeans and cowboy boots.  Also hot, but in a completely different way from Christian, less refined, more tan and muscle and a hint of stubble along his jaw.  He looks likes he's been working under the sun his whole life."


"I'm looking at you. Why are you always trying to hide how pretty you are?"


Tucker: "But she gave me the perfect gift." 
Clara: "What?" 
Tucker: "You.”


"I've been kissed before.  But nothing like this.  He kisses me with surprising tenderness, for all his gusty talk.  Still cupping my face, he gently brushes his lips against mine, slowly, like he's memorizing what I feel like.  My eyes close.  My head swims with his smell, grass and sunshine and musky cologne.  He kisses me again, a little more firmly, and then he pulls back to look down into my face."


"What did the fish say when it hit a concrete wall?" he
 asked me. We're sitting on the bank of a stream and he's tying a fly onto my fishing rod, wearing a cowboy hat and red lumberjack-style flannel shirt over a gray tee. So adorable. 
"What?" I say, he grins. Unbelievable of how gorgeous he is. And that he's mine. He loves me and I love him.
"Dam!" he says." 

Why He's a Great Book Boyfriend:

Tucker is a hard-worker. He holds multiple jobs and helps his family whenever he can. He's a tough guy but he's also very and understanding. He's charming, fun, witty, protective and eveyone likes him. He's in love with Clara and is willing to let her go if that means that's the best for her. He also loves animals, especially his horse Midas. 

Isn't Tucker jsut wonderful?  I'm most definitely Team Tucker!
What do you think of Tucker?

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  1. He really is a perfect guy. My heart broke for him in Hallowed, I hope he gets his happy ending in Boundless