Friday, February 22, 2013

February: Month of Love and Book Boyfriends - Day Twenty-Two: Jace

Day 22! Today's book boyfriend is:
Jace Wayland / Herondale 


Name/Book: Jace Wayland/Herondale from The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Age: 17

Height: 5'11


Hair: Blond

Physical Description/ First Appearance

"the smaller, fair one, whose hair gleamed like brass in the dim light coming through the windows high above. The fair boy was standing with his hands in his pockets, facing the punk kid, who was tied to a pillar with what looked like piano wire, his hands stretched behind him, his legs bound at the ankles. "


Do you remember back at the hotel when you promised thatt if we lived, you'd get dressed up in a nurse's outfit and give me a sponge bath?" asked Jace
"It was Simon who promised you the sponge bath."
"As soon as I'm back on my feet, handsome." said Simon.
"I knew we should have left you a rat.


Don't." Clary raised a warning hand. "I'm not really in the mood right now."
"That's got to be the first time a girl's ever said that to me." Jace mused.”

"A diary with no drawings of me in it? Where are the torrid fantasies? The romance covers?"


And now I'm looking at you." he said "and you're asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dares give much of myself to anyone before - bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it - but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me..


There is no pretending." Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll you then.

Why He's a Great Book Boyfriend:

Oh Jace, Jace, Jace... He's sarcastic and tough. He mostly tries to keep to himself and hide behind his wit but he can actually be quite sweet when he wants to. He's a skilled fighter and never backs down. I simply love his come backs!

So, is Jace a favorite of yours?

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  1. God,Jace is amazing. Everything that comes out of his mouth is awesome.